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Acronym Finder Licensing Information

We license the Acronym Finder database and/or the Acronym Finder web application for use by your company.

Licensing fees are largely determined by the number of users with access to the database.


Acronym Finder web service. Your company is granted a license to query the Acronym Finder database via a web service (XML/SOAP).

Custom/co-branded site. We can develop and host (on our servers) a customized Acronym Finder site, with your branding, advertising, look and feel and/or other custom features. Pricing depends on level of effort required and potential number of users. Contact us for more details.

Unlimited user database license. Please contact us for information on unlimited user licenses.

If you have questions or want more information about licensing the Acronym Finder, please email us. Please provide details about your intended use of the database, including whether it will be on a public website, how many users will have access to it, and other related details.