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Guidelines for suggesting new definitions

Executive summary: abbreviations and definitions only; don't make stuff up, no profanity or hate speech.

If you know of actual (not made-up) acronyms, abbreviations or initialisms not in our database, or see inaccuracies, please add/correct them here after reviewing the guidelines below.

Accuracy is important. We use advanced search tools to help verify the accuracy of new abbreviation submissions. If you know your definition isn't likely to be found anywhere on the web, please provide your email address and/or give a brief explanation about the definition or give us a URL/link to a page showing your submission in use. If we have trouble verifying your submission we may email you about your submission.

We don't accept abbreviations containing profanity (language you would not normally hear on US network broadcast television). You are welcome to suggest "polite forms" of acronyms normally containing profanity. This is not censorship, it's a business/editorial decision. We are not interested in debating this policy with you.

We don't accept anything containing hate speech. Enough said.

Please don't add the initials of your name (unless you're really famous).

Don't add "plural versions" of acronyms. Example:

Correct: PIXEL = Picture Element
Incorrect: PIXELS = Picture Elements
(The plural of PIXEL should be written as PIXELs.)

You may include brief parenthetical notes on context, usage, or a source illustrating common use. Example:

  • CIA = Central Intelligence Agency (US government)

Please don't submit made up or nonsense acronyms. Our database is focused on "real" acronyms and abbreviations in general common use or in common use within a discipline. If we can't verify your submission using web search tools or through documentation you provide, it may not be included in our database.

If you enjoy making up acronyms, try ACRONYMS (A Crazy Roundup Of Nonsense You Must See). You might also enjoy our version of the  Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector.

Military and government organizations. We don't accept definitions for individual, installation-level units/offices (i.e., "office symbols"), but we do accept "generic" unit designations. We are not interested in specific models of military equipment. Examples:

We do accept:
TCS Tactical Control Squadron
MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
AFMC Air Force Materiel Command
CC Commander
ID Infantry Division
KC Airborne Fuel Tanker/Cargo (military aircraft designation)
We don't accept:
603 TCS 603rd Tactical Control Squadron
2nd MEB 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade
AFMC/CC Air Force Materiel Command, Commander
21ID 21st Infantry Division
KC-135 USAF tanker aircraft

Miscellaneous. We are not interested in radio station call signs, car models, IRS form numbers, etc.

Acronym/definition limits. An abbreviation must be no more than 24 characters. The abbreviation's definition must be less than 255 characters (including any parenthetical comments).

Obsolete definitions. Please note that for historical reasons, even if abbreviations are no longer in use, they will not be deleted from the database (unless they are duplicates or incorrect), but they will be annotated to indicate current/correct definition. Please let us know if you see an incorrect/defunct acronym/definition.

Please do not enter copyrighted lists, collections, or databases of abbreviations. (If you are the owner of a copyrighted list that you would like us to include please contact us using the feedback form.) If you know of a list that you believe should be part of our database and are not sure if it is copyrighted, please contact us using the feedback form before entering any new acronyms from that list.

If you have questions about these guidelines, large acronym lists to submit, or find violations of these editorial guidelines, please let us know.

New submissions and/or corrections are normally processed daily.