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The Acronym Finder database and web application is ©1988-2022, Acronym Finder, All Rights Reserved.

Acronym Finder holds the copyright for this web database application and its collection of data. The Acronym Finder database contains a large body of information that is public knowledge, but at the same time represents a substantial creative compilation and editing effort.

This compiled information enjoys the same copyright protection as other reference works, such as dictionaries, that contain compilation and editing effort. If you are a user of the Acronym Finder, you may use the Acronym Finder database as a reference source, but you cannot remove the information in the data files and publish the database without independently cross-checking and verifying the entire work, and adding substantial effort to make it your own. If you do such unverified publishing, you will be in violation of international copyright laws.

Systematic extraction and queries of the database is a violation of our copyright and the site's terms of use. We monitor site use daily. If we detect use of this site we believe is in violation of these terms of use, your searches will be blocked and we will contact your ISP to ask for their help in stopping your abuse of this site.

The Acronym Finder website database contains detectors uniquely traceable to this database.

It is possible to license the acronym database or web application.

If you have any doubts about whether you may use the data from the Acronym Finder's database, please contact us for clarification.