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Advertising Information

The Acronym Finder site has opportunities to advertise your company's products and services at reasonable rates.

The Acronym Finder attracts visitor from all walks of life around the world looking for the meanings to acronyms and abbreviations of all kinds. Our acronym database has over 610,000 acronyms and meanings and is growing daily!

Our return links page shows a number of sites which bring in visitors. Most other visitors come in via Yahoo!,, OneLook Dictionaries, and major search engines.

The Acronym Finder site has been a USA Today HotSite three times, most recently on September 9. 2005. It was also named PC World "Web Stars: Best of the Web", Feb 2004 and PC Mag azine "Top 100 [undiscovered] Websites", Feb 2002.

Other recognitions include: Writer's Digest "101 Best Web Sites for Writers", May 2000. Britannica Internet Guide Award, PC Magazine Top 100 Web Site, Reference Category (September 1998), Yahoo Internet Life Useful Site of the Day (10/7/98) & Useful/Reference.

We can also provide text link advertising or even keyword (if it's based on an acronym searched for) based advertising.

If you have questions or want to sign up for advertising space on the Acronym Finder, please email us.