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What does WASP stand for?

WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

This definition appears very frequently

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It is further proof that even white Anglo-Saxon Protestants are descended from a black Eve, the mother of us all.
It was the world into which he had been born and inhabited all his life: that of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant graduates of the Ivy League universities who made up New York society and the upper echelons of the banking and legal establishment.
Had Al Smith been a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, would he have defeated the heir-apparent to Calvin Coolidge, whose very name was associated with the prosperity of the Roaring 20’s?
In my teens, I heard the expression White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.
Doctorow wrote about three remarkable families at the beginning of the century--one upper-middle-class, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, one socialist immigrant Jewish, and one Harlem black--whose lives become dramatically intertwined.
It will be objected (stay your hands a moment, Washington Monthly letter-to-the-editor writers) that today the president, the secretary of state, and the secretary of the treasury are all White Anglo-Saxon Protestants born to secure upper-class wealth and educated at boarding schools and Ivy League colleges-a WASP Trifecta not achieved at any other time in the past half-century-and that Ralph Lauren has gotten very rich helping the middle class to acquire a hint of the old WASP style.