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What does V:C stand for?

V:C stands for Villus Height:Crypt Depth

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  • Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

Samples in periodicals archive:

Morphological measurements in the different section of the small intestine of weaner piglets offered a control diet or a diet containing 5% bovine colostrum Dietary treatment Control Bovine SEM colostrum Villus height ([micro] m) Proximal jejunum 444 (1a) 478 (1b) 7 Mid jejunum 397 (2a) 465 (1b) Distal ileum 323 (3a) 386 (2b) Mean 388 443 25 Crypt depth, [micro] m Proximal jejunum 234 (1a) 208 (1b) 4 Mid jejunum 227 (1a) 197 (12b) Distal ileum 232 (1a) 194 (2b) Mean 23 (1a) 200 (b) 7 Villus height:crypt depth Proximal jejunum 1.