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What does 3DP stand for?

3DP stands for Three-Dimensional Printing

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London, April 1 ( ANI ): British surgeons have employed cutting edge three-dimensional printing technology to create a prosthetic face for a man who had the entire left side of his face removed after suffering from cancer.
Among the topics are metallurgical affects of three-dimensional printing, experimental investigations for the silicon moulding of plastic components, the rapid moulding of plastics using polyjet printing, wear in shallow cryogenic treated wire in wire electrical discharge machining, and experimental investigations for developing a pattern for dies using fused deposition modeling.
A printing technique emulating the way spiders spin silk generates polymer microstructures a hundredth the size of those produced by existing three-dimensional printing technologies.
ProMetal provides a machine (or a service for those who'd rather forego machine ownership) to perform three-dimensional printing (3DP), a process that the company licenses from MIT, The "printing" in question is not like the ink on this page.