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What does TRotK stand for?

TRotK stands for The Return of the King (Lord of the Rings, Part 3)

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  • Slang/chat, popular culture

Samples in periodicals archive:

Epic Cinema Viewers of The Return of the King will be overwhelmed by the Wagnerian scope of Jackson's film panorama: vast armies of orcs and trolls, equipped with terrifying siege engines, attacking the pinnacled fortress-city of Minas Tirith; the horrifying Nazgul, stooping Valkyrie-like to pluck soldiers from horseback and battlement; an army of phantoms, the shades of "oath-breakers" who have been cursed as a consequence of having reneged on a promise to fight the Dark Lord Sauron in an earlier age; an attack by a nightmarish spider realistic enough to make even the most jaded audience cringe; and a CGI Gollum even more tragic, more conflicted, and more dastardly than in the previous film, The Two Towers.
EVENING TELEGRAPH reader Kevin Stanley, gives his verdict on the last film in director Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy - The Return of the King AS a film in its own right The Return of the King is one of the greatest films I've ever seen; as a trilogy nothing rivals it.
sorry about this, but we're not allowed to tell you what we think of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King until next Tuesday.