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What does 10A stand for?

10A stands for Tenth Amendment

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  • Military and Government

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Organizations that have already publicly joined the alliance include the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), Oath Keepers, We The People, Gun Owners of America (GOA), numerous Tea Party groups, Restore The Republic, Liberty Round Table, The Power Hour, Front Sight Firearms Institute, the Tenth Amendment Center, The John Birch Society (JBS), People Against the NDAA (PANDA), and many more.
Palin, who has given her support to the National Tea Party by describing it as a viable political alternative to both the Republic Party and the Democratic Party, on Sunday declared the primacy of the Tenth Amendment in limiting government powers, complaining about the bailouts and the "generational theft" of rising deficits and urging the audience to back conservative challengers in contested primaries.
The FFA is primarily a Tenth Amendment challenge to the powers of Congress under the 'commerce clause,' with firearms as the object--it is a state's rights exercise," we are told.
According to the Tenth Amendment Center, Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee have passed sovereignty resolutions, and at least 27 other states have considered resolutions.