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What does C12H22O11 stand for?

C12H22O11 stands for Table Sugar (sucrose; common chemical formula)

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The organizations also point out that the original report of the President's Cancer Panel argues that farm subsidies "lead to increased production of HFCS, implies that such increased production leads to lower prices and greater consumption, and suggests that HFCS promotes weight gain and obesity more than does table sugar.
Does high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) promote obesity more than ordinary table sugar, as a recent study contended?
The process starts with one sugar - table sugar (sucrose) - but by the time you have dark, almost black caramel, more than 128 different sugars and related compounds have been formed, each one with a different color, smell, taste and chemical formula,'' she writes, adding that a light caramel tastes very different from a dark one.