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What does T)1 stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
QRITone (T1 to T9)
CT1Channelized T1
DS-1Digital Signal, Level 1 (1.544 Mbit/s T1 Interface; DS0 x 24 mux)
TNNT1Troponin T1, Skeletal, Slow
FEFrame Extended (extended frame T1)
SPRITESingle-Point Ramped Imaging with T1 Enhancement
ATIAmerican Transtech Inc. (carrier for AT&T T1 circuits)
TNDST1 Network Diagnostic System (Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology)
D3Third Generation Channel Bank (24 Channels on T1)
CT1Committee T1 (ANSI - US Positions for ITU-T)
TAPT1 Access Partitioning (Sprint)
TSPMT1 Service Performance Monitor (Hekimian)
FLLIFiber Land Line Interface (used to down-convert T1 fiber to ethernet)
DESPOTDriven-Equilibrium Single-Pulse Observation of T1
ITUAIndependent T1 Users' Association
TEAMT1-Carrier Error Accumulating Module
ITAPIntegrated T1 Access Partitioning
IPCT1IP Communications T1 (voice over IP, full data IP T1 supporting voice services)
TDSUT1 Digital Service Unit
T1BBSCommittee T1 Bulletin Board System
TLPMT1 Line Performance Monitor (Hekimian)
TMDIT1 (T-Carrier 1) Multi-Purpose Digital Interface Card (Nortel Networks Corp.)
QT1Quick T1 Estimate
SET1Spin Echo T1 Sequences
GEMT1Goddard Earth Model T1
TPMUT1 Performance Monitoring Unit (Hekimian)
T1AGCommittee T1 Advisory Group
STIRShort T1 Inversion Recovery (magnetic resonance testing)