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What does MICRO stand for?

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MEMSMicro Electro-Mechanical Systems
MAVMicro-Air Vehicle
BCCMBelgian Co-Ordinated Collections of Micro-Organisms
SEBRAEServiço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro E Pequenas Empresas
MUAVMicro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (US DoD; Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
MNDMicro-Nutrient Deficiency
MIFMicro-Immunofluorescence (chlamydia)
UCMHUltra-Compact Micro Halo (physics)
MHPMicro Heat Pipe
MLAMicro Lens Array
MNTMicro-Nano Technology
EPMAElectron Probe Micro Analyzer
uEDMMicro-Electrodischarge Machining
NEMSNano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (IEEE International Conference)
IMTInnovative Micro Technology
MUASMicro Unmanned Aerial System (US Air Force)
MPLMicro-Pulse LIDAR
MOUDIMicro-Orifice Uniform Deposit Impactor (MSP Corporation)
MBGAMicro Ball Grid Array (microelectronics)
MLFMicro Lead-Frame
MNEMicro- and Nano-Engineering (integrated circuit manufacturing)
MANCEFMicro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation
WMFPWeighted Micro Function Points (sofware algorithm)
2-MMicro Miniature (electronic repair)
MELISSAMicro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative (European Space Agency)
AMCIAdvanced Micro Controls Inc.
MCTMicro-Cavity Technology (Nanovation)
MAMSMicro-Arrays for Mass Spectrometry
MMMicro Mole
uTASMicro Total Analysis Systems
MFIMicro Flow Imaging (cell and particle analysis)
MCTIMicro Component Technology Inc.
MEMSMicro Electro Mechanical Sensor
MIKEMicro Interpreter for Knowledge Engineering
uBGAMicro Ball Grid Array
MTDMicro Triangle Displacement (finalRender)
HARMSTHigh-Aspect-Ratio Micro-Structure Technology
MMDMicro Mirror Device
FMIFormation Micro Imager (Schlumberger Borehole Logging Tool)
EMITEmbedded Micro Internetworking Technology
EFABElectrochemical Fabrication (micro-device manufacturing technology)
MPMMicro-frame Program Manager
µTASMicro-Total Analysis System (biotechnology)
APCOT MNTAsia-Pacific Conference of Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology
CFMCross Flow Micro-Filtered (whey protein isolate)
MIRNAMicro-Ribonucleic Acid (molecular genetics)
DMLCDynamic Micro Multileaf Collimator (Elekta)
MAPDMicro-Pixel Avalanche Photo Diode
UOPMicro-Operation (microprocessors, microcode)
MCSMicro Current Stimulation (treatment of macular degeneration)
MHSMicro-Nanomechatronics and Human Science (International Symposium)
MTGMicro Turbine Generator
MLVAMicro Light Valve Array
MCHPMicro-sized Combined Heat and Power (American Honda Motor Co. & Climate Energy, LLC)
MVDMicro Vertex Detector
MMCBMicro Materials Center Berlin
STORMSmall Tactical Optical Rifle-Mounted (micro-laser rangefinder)
CMEMCenter for Micro-Engineered Materials (University of New Mexico)
JLMNJournal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering (est. 2005; Japan Laser Processing Society; Japan)
MPGDMicro-Pattern Gas Detectors
MVHMicro via Hole
LIMMSLaboratory for Integrated Micro-Mechatronic Systems (University of Tokyo; Japan)
MSGCMicro Strip Gas Chambers
MBDMicro-Beam Electron Diffraction
MGAMicro-Genetic Algorithm
MTPMicro-Titer Plate
MCRTMicro Carbon Residue Tester
GCPPGlobal Climate Protection Plan (Advanced Micro Devices; Sunnyvale, CA)
MSSVMicro-Scale Sealed Vessel (chromatography)
AMIEAdvanced/Moon Micro-Imaging Experiment (NASA)
MINERVAMIcro/Nano Experimental Robot Vehicle for Asteroid (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
MFTMicro-Fading Tester
MNSPMicro and Nano Science Platform
MBFMicro Bright Field Inc. (Williston, VT)
MCDMicro Candela (SI unit of luminous intensity)
MISMAMicro-Structured Magnetic Atmosphere (astrophysics)
MSLMicro-Strip Line
OMRLOriented Micro-Resistivity Log (oil exploration)
MMNMedical Micro-Power Network
BMDBulk Micro Defects
DTBSDépartement des Micro-Technologies pour la Biologie et la Santé (French: Department of Micro-Technologies for Biology and Health)
CMSMCenter for Microelectronic Sensors and MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems; University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
CMAMCentro de Micro-Análisis de Materiales (Spanish: Center for Micro-Analysis of Materials; Madrid, Spain)
WARBM1Warburg Micro Syndrome 1
EMFAErbium Micro-Fiber Amplifier
MSEMicro-Solutions Engineering (Newtown, CT)
CGMTCold Gas Micro-Thruster
MIMUMicro Inertial Measurement Unit
MERFSMicro-Electromagnetic Radio Frequency System
APMIPAndhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project (Andhra Pradesh, India)
MBCPMicro-macroporous Biphasic Calcium Phosphate
ICQNMInternational Conference on Quantum, Nano, and Micro Technologies
N/MEMSNano/Micro-Electro-Mechanical System
MLFPMicro Lead Frame Plastic
LPMELiquid Phase Micro Extraction
MMALVMorphing Micro Air-Land Vehicle
MMODMicro-Meteoroid and Orbital Debris
MTBSMicro-Tensile Bond Strength (dentistry)
M4PPMicro Four-Point Probe
IMNSInstitute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems (University of Edinburgh; UK)
MSALMEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) Sensors and Actuators Lab (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; University of Maryland)
DOMODiffractive Optics and Micro-Optics (professional conference)
FMMRFree Molecule Micro-Resistojet (astronautics)
ISMMEInternational Symposium on Micro-Mechanical Engineering
MTSRCMicro Thermal System Research Center (Seoul National University, South Korea)
EMMElectrochemical Micro-Machining
EMRoSEpson Micro Robot System
MGAMicro Gas Analyzer
MSAMicro-Strip Antenna
MZPMicro Zone Plate (optical device)
LIMPICSLinking Micro-Physical Properties to Macro Features in Ice Sheets with Geophysical Techniques (research group)
CCRMCentre Commun de Ressources en Micro-ondes
AMNLAdvanced Micro and Nanosystems Laboratory (University of Toronto)
CMNSCentre for Micro and Nano Systems (Hong Kong)
MEMSMicro Electrical Machine System
MIVMicro Inert Valve
LMCLaser Micro-Chemical
TEMSTransanal Endoscopic Micro-surgery
HTMCHigh Tec Micro Cell
CANEUSCanada-Europe-USA-Asia (development of micro-nano-technologies for future aerospace applications)
GEMEDAGrid-Enabled Micro Econometric Data Analysis
MMFMicro Micro Farad (electronics)
MOEMSMicro-Optical-Electrical-Mechanical System
PMMC3PICCO Micro Mini Comfort 3
MESAMicro-Surgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration
MFSLMicro-Spherically Focused Log (petroleum engineering)
IPMAin-package micro-aligner
UMGTUltra-Micro Gas Turbine
NMDCNano and Micro Devices Center (University of Alabama in Huntsville)
PSMIPatch Slice Micro-Incubator (medical device)
MBBMicro-Building Block
AMMNSAdvanced Materials for Micro– and Nano– Systems
VLMVaporizing Liquid Micro-Thruster
OMNETOptical Micro-Networks
muFlyMicro Flying Robots
ISWARMIntelligent Small World Autonomous Robots for Micro-manipulation
MQSMicro-Quadlock System
MPBMicro Pulse Bomb
MEPMicro-Electric Propulsion
MCIBMicro-Controller Interface Board (robotics)
MDMMicro-Doppler Modulation
JSDCJerry Sanders Design Competition (University of Illinois Urbana-Champlain; Advanced Micro Devices)
MLRFMicro-Laser Rangefinder
IMOSIntegrated Micro Optical Systems (digital optics)
LDALocally Distributed Asynchronous (micro-pipeline)
MRCLMicro-Rotary Combustion Lab (University of California, Berkeley)
PMCLPhysics Micro Computer Lab (University of Texas)
CHSLTCenter for Holographic Studies and Laser Micro-Mechatronics
MAMAMicro Adhesion Measurement Apparatus (contact mechanics)
iMINTDarpa Center on Nanoscale science and Technology for Integrated Micro/Nano-Electromechanical Transducers
ICMSIntra-Cortical Micro-Stimulation
UPSAMSUltra Precision Manufacturing of Self-Assembled Micro Systems
MICSEMicro Internal Combustion Swing Engine
MCASMicro Communications and Avionics System
MCSUMicro Central Switching Unit
SDMEsingle drop micro extraction
MASSMicro Actuators, Sensors & Systems (Group)
GMBGlass Micro Balloon
MINIMicro and Nanotechnology Initiative (International Space University)
XRMFX-Ray Micro-Fluorescence
MNBSMicro-Nano-Bio Systems
MPIMicro Pilot Ignition (gas engines using diesel fuel)
MGWCMicro Gap Wire Chamber (physics)
MDLMicro-Disk Laser
MASMUTMicro Assurance Santé Mutuelles de Santé (Belgium forum on community health insurance)
MOSISMicro-Optical Silicon System
MFICMicro Flow Innovation Center (applied research; Czech Republic)
RMATRapid Micro-Agglutination Test (Legionnaires' disease)
CNMMCentre for Micro and Nano Mechanics (Tsinghua University; UK)
MRDECMicro Robot Design Education Center (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; South Korea)
MRPVMicro-Remotely Powered Vehicle
MSRSMicro Surgery Robotic System
DTIPSymposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of Microelectromechanical Systems/Micro-opto-electromechanical Systems (IEEE)
DMCPDouble Micro-Channel Plate
EMMACEdinburgh Materials and Micro-Analysis Centre (UK)
SMMCSurface Marker and Micro Cell
TFMSLThin-Film Micro-Strip Line
TOMPToxic Organic Micro Pollutant
ISBBNInternational Society for BioMEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems) and Biomedical Nanotechnology
JAMMSJoint Automated Micro-based Medical System

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