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What does S/R stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
SRState Route
SRState Road
SRSouthern Region (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
SRSpecial Report
SRSpeech Recognition
SRStatus Report
SRStorage Ring
SRStatus Register
SRSugar Ray (band)
SRStrategic Reconnaissance
SRStandard Reference
SRSunderland (postcode, United Kingdom)
SRSpeed Racer (cartoon)
SRSerbia & Montenegro
SRSunday River (Ski Resort)
SRSquare Root
SRStandard Rate
SRSupervision and Regulation
SRSaarländischer Rundfunk (German Radio and TV Station)
SRSpecial Relativity
SRStage Right
SRSupport Requirements
S/RStorage and Retrieval
SRSpecial Rapporteur (French: Special Talebearer; UN)
SRSend & Receive
SRStrike Rate (cricket scoring)
SRSupporting Research
S/RSustained Release
SRSun Roof
SRSteradian (metric unit of solid angle)
SRSugar Rush (UK TV series)
S/RSend & Receive
SRSpecial Review
SRSpectral Response
SRState Relay
SRStochastic Resonance (statistics)
SRSpring Roll
SRSteam Reforming
SRSpecial Regulations
SRSet Reset
SRSul Ross State University (Alpine, Texas)
SRSpell Resistance (gaming)
SRSiracusa, Sicilia (Syracuse; Italian province)
SRSpecial Reconnaissance
SRSpending Review
S/RShipping and Receiving
SRSpecial Recovery
SRStandardized Regulations
SRStatus Response (Hekimian)
SRStrategy Runner (Automated investment and trading software company)
SRSveriges Riksdag (Swedish: Sveriges Radio)
SRSum Rule
SRSpecial Requirement
SRSpectral Recording (Dolby)
SRSporting Rifle (smokeless powder type)
SRSuperior Rectus (eye muscle)
SRSe Renta (Spanish: for rent)
SRSpot Repair
SRSpecial Recommendation (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering; France)
SRStress-Resistant (pig genetics)
S/RSelling Rate
SRStress Rupture
SRStem Rot
SRSpreading Resistance
SRSupply Road
SRSunset Riders (game)
S/RScreen Role (basketball)
SRSteel Radial (tire technology)
SRShiina Ringo (Japanese musician/singer)
SRSunlight Resistant
SRStrehl Ratio (optics)
S/RStove/Refrigerator (apartment or home rentals)
SRStatic Representation (software engineering)
SRSpecialist Registration
SRSocialists for Reform (San Marino)
SRSaturable Reactor
S/RSteel Reserve (lager)
S/RShipping Request
SRSuburban Rhythm (band; also song by Reel Big Fish)
SRSpontaneous Reboot
S/RShipping Report
SRSpare Row
SRStuff Request (Nortel)
SRState Road/Route
SRSuperficial Reflux
SRSubtract Register
S/RSe Renta (Spanish: for rent)
S/RSurveillance Requirement
SRSegmentation Reassembly (Protocol)
SRServiço da República (Portuguese official stationery)
SRSerum Receptor (biochemistry)
SRSuccessively Refinable (data compression system)
SRSilent Reflex
SRSouthern Royalty (hip hop group)
SRShaft Rate
SRSedlighetsroteln (Swedish vice police branch)
SRSibling Records
SRSubsonic Radio (forum and streaming radio station)
SRSpray Recirculation
SRSuppressed Radiation
SRShort Remittance
SRStandard Range Approach
SRSolar Regenerative
SRSewer, Run Off
SRSlow Reversals (PNF technique)
SRSind Regiment (Pakistan)
SRSpecialized English Training Required
SRSummaries Recurring
SRSaarlädischer Rundfunk = Radio Saarland
SRSerim Ral (gaming)
SRServiço Representações (Portuguese: Service Representatives)
SRServiço Regional do Ministério da Educação (Portuguese: Regional Ministry of Education; Portugal)
SRSerine/Arginine-Rich (proteins)
SRSerum Replacement (biochemistry)
SRService Record
SRService Release
SRService Report
SRService Representative
SRService Request
SRSenate Resolution
SRSergei Rachmaninov (classical composer)
SRSenhor (Portuguese: Mister)
SRSenior Rater
SRSeñor (Spanish: Mister)
SRSensor Reader
SRSeparate Rations
SRSediment Regime
SRSedimentation Rate
SRSelbstständiges Referat (German: Independent Unit)
SRSelected Reserve
SRSelective Ringing
SRSeaman Recruit (USN Rating)
SRSeaplane Reconnaissance Aircraft (US Navy)
SRSearch and Rescue
SRSearch and Retrieval (computer searches)
S/RSuture Removal
SRAir Search Radar Receiver (US Navy)
SRrSound Rating (enegy products)
S/RSingle Roll (various companies)
S/RSupport/Resistance (finance)
S/RShift Register
SRSaturday Review
SRSaudi Riyal (national currency)
SRSavannah River
SRScan Ratio
SRScanning Radiometer
SRScavenger Receptor
SRScenic Railway (amusement park ride)
SRScheduled Result
SrSchwester (German: Sister)
SRScientific Racism (pseudoscience)
SRScientific Research
SRSabbath Recorder (Seventh Day Baptist publication; Wisconsin)
SRSaddle River (New Jersey)
SRSafety Release
SRSafety Rod
SRSaitama Railway (Japan)
SRSam Roberts (musician)
SRSampling Rate
SRSan Ramon (northern California)
SRSanta Rosa (California)
SRSarcoplasmic Reticulum
SRSatellite Radio
SRSatellite Receiver
SRSession Relay (computer networking)
SRSeverity Rate
SRShared Resources
SRShe-Ra (He-Man character)
SRShielded Receiver
SRShift Register
SRShip Repair Ratings (US Navy)
SRShipment Request
SRShock Rifle (gaming, Unreal tournament)
SRShopRite (supermarket chain)
SRShort Radius (piping elbow)
SRShort Range
SRShort Reach (fiber)
SRShort Rod
SRShort Run
SRShoulder Rotations (exercises)
SRShunt Reactor (power electronics)
SRSide Release (buckle)
SRSignaling Rate
SRSignature Range (food brand)
SRSigur Rós (band)

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