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What does Public-Private-Partnership stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
PPPPublic Private Partnership
P3Public-Private Partnership
PFSPartnerships for Schools (UK; public-private partnership)
PPSPubliek-Private Samenwerking (Dutch: Public-Private Partnerships)
PPPPartnerstwa Publiczno Prywatnego (Polish: Public-Private Partnership)
OPSOffentlig Privat Samarbeid (Norwegian: Public Private Partnership)
PPPPPublic Private Partnership Project (various organizations)
PPPHPublic-Private Partnership in Health (Uganda)
OPPOffentligt Privat Partnerskab (Swedish: Public Private Partnership)
SUTPSustainable Urban Transport Project (public-private partnership)
PPPIPublic-Private Partnership in Infrastructure (program)
EPECEuropean PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Expertise Centre
BTDBalkan Trust for Democracy (est. 2003; public private partnership)
4PSPublic Private Partnerships Programme (UK)
PPSPubliek Privaat Samenwerkingsverband (Dutch: Public Private Partnership)
APDAlianzas Público Privadas (Spanish: Public-Private Partnership; Guatemalan business law)
GGFRGlobal Gas Flaring Reduction (public-private partnership)
TBCTrans Bay Cable (public private partnership; San Francisco, CA)
EPPPLEuropean Public Private Partnership Law
PPPUEPublic-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment
PPPACPublic Private Partnership Appraisal Committee (India)
NCPPPNational Council for Public Private Partnerships
ADIDAtlanta Downtown Improvement District (public-private partnership; Georgia)
PPPFPublic Private Partnership Forum
MGSCMouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (public-private partnership)
BPPPBundesverband Public Private Partnership (German: Federal Association of Public-Private Partnership)
PSPPPublic/Social/Private Partnership
PPPCPublic/Private Partnership Council
IPPPInstitutionalised Public-Private Partnerships (EU)
IPPPHInitiative on Public-Private Partnership for Health
JZPJavno Zasebnem Partnerstvu (Slovenian: Public Private Partnership)
PPPUPublic Private Partnership Unit (Leeds City Council; United Kingdom)
GPPPGlobal Public-Private Partnership (governance mechanism)
PPDPPublic-Private Development Partnership (poverty reduction program)
TEDOTechnology Export Development Organisation (private-public partnership; India)
CCPPPCanadian Council of Public-Private Partnerships
AEPPPAging Eye Public Private Partnership
DBFOOTDesign, Build, Finance, Own, Operate, Transfer (public-private partnership approach)
IJPPPInternational Journal of Public-Private Partnerships
PPPPartenariats Publique-Privé (French: Public-private partnerships; Quebec, Canada government agency)
IMPPPInter-Municipal Public-Private Partnership Fund
PPUEPublic-Private Partnerships for Urban Environmental Services (UN Development Programme; South Africa)
APPPAgence des Partenariats Publics-Privés (French: Agency for Public-Private Partnerships; Canada)
PPNPPublic Private NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Partnership