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What does PFSP stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
PFSPPrecision Fluency Shaping Program (developed by Ronald L. Webster, PhD)
PFSPPhilippine Foreign Service Post
PFSPPedernales Falls State Park (Johnson City, TX)
PFSPPhysician and Family Support Program (Canada)
PFSPPartial File Sharing Protocol
PFSPPublic Facilities and Services Plan
PFSPpermutation flowshop sequencing problem
PFSPPort Facilities Security Plans (Australia)
PFSPPhysician Faculty Scholars Program (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
PFSPPartners for Financial Stability Program (Warsaw, Poland)
PFSPPhysical Fitness for Special Populations
PFSPPriestly Fraternity of St Peter
PFSPProfessional Fire Systems and Projects (UK)
PFSPPrivately Funded Scholarship Program
PFSPPennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program
PFSPPeptide Fluorosurfactant Polymer
PFSPPatient and Family Support Program
PFSPPartners for Sustainable Pollination
PFSPporcine focal symmetrical poliomyelomalacia
PFSPProportionate Fair Share Program (Sanford, FL)
PFSPPurple-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (Ipomoea batatas)
PFSPPrivate Farmer Support Project (World Bank)
PFSPPrimes and Factors of Sum and Product
PFSPPre-Freshman Summer Program (various colleges and schools)
PFSPPrivate Fixed Services/Paging
PFSPPACTOR Free Signal Protocol
PFSPPandemonium Free Space Port (later became MindScape BBS)
PFSPPrivate Financial Services Provider
PFSPPort Facility Safety Plan
PFSPPreschool Farm Safety Program (Canada)
PFSPPurpose-Focused Specific Product
PFSPPartial Foldover of Subplot (factors)
PFSPPATRIOT Field Surveillance Program
PFSPPay for Service Program
PFSPPipeline Facility Surveillance Program
PFSPPuente Fire and Security Protection
PFSPPrickett's Fort State Park (Fairmont, WV)