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What does 1V stand for?

1V stands for One Version

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While the story's been reprinted hundreds of times so undoubtedly you have at least one version in your library, this NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS provides some classic, lovely embellishments perfect for libraries seeking something fresh and appealing.
Those engines with serial numbers below 63427 are one version and those with numbers 63427 and higher are the other.
For example, he and colleagues at Harvard University found that higher blood levels of selenium, vitamin E, or lycopene were linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer, but only in men with one version of a gene that directs the body to make an enzyme called manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD).
One version of the technology inserts distortions into the music that can't be detected on an ordinary CD player.
The csd gene has many versions, and a honeybee's gender depends on whether it inherits only one version or two different ones, the researchers report in the Aug.