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What does NLS stand for?

NLS stands for Normed Linear Spaces

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He covers the construction of real and complex numbers, metric and Euclidean spaces, complete metric spaces, normed linear spaces, differentiation, integration, and Fourier analysis on locally compact abelian groups.
The first seven chapters cover the usual topics of point-set or general topology, including topological spaces, new spaces from old ones, connectedness, the separation and countability axioms, and metrizability and paracompactness, as well as special topics such as contraction mapping in metric spaces, normed linear spaces, the Frechet derivative, manifolds, fractals, compactifications, the Alexander subbase, and the Tychonoff theorems.
Chapters discuss duality, linear mappings, matrices, determinant and trace, spectral theory, Euclidean structure, calculus of vector- and matrix-valued functions, matrix inequalities, kinematics and dynamics, convexity, the duality theorem, normed liner spaces, linear mappings between normed linear spaces, positive matrices, and solutions of systems of linear equations.
offer more than 100 exercise while covering linear spaces, topological spaces, metric spaces, normed linear spaces and Banach spaces, inner product spaces and Hilbert spaces, linear functionals, types of convergence in function space, reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces, order relations in function spaces, operators in function space, completely continuous operators, approximation methods for linear operator equations, interval methods for operator equations, contraction mappings and iterative methods, Newton's method in Banach spaces, variants of Newton's methods, and homotopy and continuation methods and a hybrid method for a free-boundary problem.