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What does MULTS stand for?

MULTS stands for Multi-Speed

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The FL5100 also includes a multi-speed twinkle wheel that provides smooth spatial dimming and brightening of the light across the face of the fiber bundle.
These units use high power output rare-earth permanent magnet brush or brushless motors: spur or planetary gearing; embedded or separate modulated smart analog or digital servo amplifiers and multi-speed resolvers.
The tricycle has four driving systems to choose from: the basic freewheel drive system allows the rider to coast when not pedaling; the solid drive system helps the rider sustain complete and continuous pedaling; the training drive system gives the rider the ability to convert to the freewheel or solid drive system; and the multi-speed drive system comes in three, five, or seven speeds for the more experienced rider.
Controls on the drive's front allow configuration including reversing, jogging and multi-speed operation.
The data sheet provides technical information on planetary epicyclic drives, differential phase shifters, position control and narrow band transmissions, machine tool spindle drives, multi-speed, variable speed, right angle and reversing drives, and servo drive reducers.