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What does mont stand for?

mont stands for Monteur (Dutch)

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Dans les autres secteurs, le portrait reste peu encourageant : le puissant syndicat des cordonniers monteurs est sur la voie de se faire broyer par une association patronale nouvellement fondee; les debardeurs accumulent les defaites face a la redoutable Allan Line; les typographes essuient aussi un autre revers; quant aux travailleurs des fabriques de coton d'Hochelaga et de SaintHenri, ils mordent egalement la poussiere (28).
The inspirations of Pop art (particularly Richard Hamilton's collaged interiors, which West discovered in the early '60s) and of Dada (fellow Austrian monteur Raoul Hausmann features prominently in one) are most salient in his early Visuelle Analysen (Visual Analyses), which absurdly juxtapose found media images, and in parallel works based on or directly worked over advertising brochures for clothes, furniture, lamps, and the like.
Unlike historically and politically conscious monteurs such as Chris Marker, Jean-Luc Godard, and Harun Farocki, who have been embraced by curators and critics, Herzog can come across as a hillbilly.
The second large section, "People in Film and Video/Gens de cinema et video," has seven subsections: "Filmmakers and Video Artists/Cineastes et artistes en video," "Cinematographers/Directeurs de la photographie," "Editors/ Monteurs," "Producers/Producteurs," "Composers/Compositeurs," "Scriptwriters/Scenaristes," and "Actors/Acteurs.
One photograph shows Hannah Hoch and the "Dadasopher" Raoul Hausmann with the poster, another the great monteur John Heartfield and his colleague George Grosz.