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What does MOVBET stand for?

MOVBET stands for Molecular Orbital (Into) Valence Bond Exponential Transformation

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  • Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

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He begins with the atomic properties of one-electron and two-electron atoms, then explains the atomic properties and periodic trends of atoms with more than two electrons, homonuclear diatomic molecules, gaseous alkali metal haloids with ionic bonds, other heteronuclear diatomic molecules with polar covalent bonds, the Lewis cubical atom model, molecular orbital calculations on heteronuclear diatomic molecules (as well as hybridization and estimation of net atomic charges from calculated electron densities), homonuclear diatomic species of certain second-period elements, structure and bonding (including in simple compounds of the Group 14 elements and those in other Groups), and electron deficient molecules.
He covers the subject and methods; atomic states; symmetry ideas and group-theory description; crystal field theory; molecular orbitals and related approaches; electronic structure and chemical bonding; electronic control of molecular shapes and transformations through vibronic coupling; electronic structure investigated by physical methods; stereochemistry and crystal chemistry; electron transfer, redox properties, and electron-conformational effects; and reactivity and catalytic action.