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What does MP stand for?

MP stands for Modus Ponens

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To demonstrate this he reunites the fields of relevance logic and diagram logic, arguing: if the premises of an argument contain its conclusion, it is relevantly valid; if in the very act of diagraming all the premises of an argument one also diagrams its conclusion, the premises contain the conclusion; modus ponens, disjunctive syllogism, and many other arguments that violate Anderson-Belnap variable sharing can be and have been so diagrammed; therefore they are relevantly valid.
In one telling objection, Putnam converts Quine's modus ponens into a modus tollens: Quine's demands for precise criteria for synonymy lead him to reject not only the existence of an objective relation of synonymy, but also the existence of a fact of the matter as to whether or not two terms (in another language) are the same or different in reference.
A striking feature of this chapter is the use of words and phrases such as proof, modus ponens, modus tollens, syllogism, axiom, conjecture, if-then, necessary and sufficient conditions, if and only if.
And yet, the implied modus ponens form, here, is defeasible rather than deductive, since the conditional premise functions not as a universal quanitifier, but as "the hedged quantifier of ordinary life" (p.
Values about what to desire, choose, and so forth, are dual in their direction of fit: they include coherence-preserving dispositions that relate to them as passive thoughts (such as habits of modus ponens inference) and coherence-preserving dispositions that relate to them as active thoughts (such as dispositions to desire, choose, and so on).