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What does MILSF stand for?

MILSF stands for Military Science Fiction

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  • Slang/chat, popular culture

Samples in periodicals archive:

Politics, interstellar intrigue, and action permeate a blend of political and military science fiction in a fast-paced story especially recommended for science fiction collections seeing popularity with the prior Alex Marlow figure.
Politics and epic battle rage throughout the novel and make this a particularly satisfying pick for any military science fiction or fantasy holding.
There are equal parts military science fiction, post-apocalyptic biopunk message and anti-corporate/political story elements to it, and none are really given the chance to make the point that they could have made.
Stan Beeler's "Stargate SG-1 and the Quest for the Perfect Science Fiction Premise" examines what the author considers to be the key factors in the sustained success of the show, including "[t]ravel to the stars, military science fiction, an unequivocally evil enemy, strongly differentiated characters, and a linking of alien races with familiar human mythology" (268).
WIN Stargate SINCE its debut in cinemas in 1994 Stargate has gone on to become a cult phenomenon, spawning a military science fiction franchise that has expanded from film and television to books, video games and comic books.
Readers who like military science fiction within a space opera will love DARK PLANET.
They uncover a conspiracy to control Earth, the secret to overcoming the conspiracy, and find themselves immersed in a battle neither wants in this fast-paced military science fiction piece.