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99840 is a ZIP code for Skagway, Alaska, USA

Skagway is in Skagway Hoonah Angoon county.

Telephone area code:907
Time zone:Alaska Standard Time (UTC -9) and observes DST
Housing Units:636
Land Area:452.52 mi2 / 1,171.51 km2
Water Area:11.72 mi2 / 30.33 km2
  Total population968
    Under 5 years49
    5 to 9 years33
    10 to 14 years35
    15 to 19 years46
    20 to 24 years39
    25 to 29 years82
    30 to 34 years107
    35 to 39 years66
    40 to 44 years93
    45 to 49 years68
    50 to 54 years88
    55 to 59 years103
    60 to 64 years71
    65 to 69 years41
    70 to 74 years22
    75 to 79 years9
    80 to 84 years10
    85 years and over6
    Median age (years)41.2
    16 years and over840
    18 years and over816
    21 years and over791
    62 years and over125
    65 years and over88
  Male population500
    Under 5 years27
    5 to 9 years18
    10 to 14 years17
    15 to 19 years20
    20 to 24 years19
    25 to 29 years36
    30 to 34 years47
    35 to 39 years40
    40 to 44 years52
    45 to 49 years36
    50 to 54 years48
    55 to 59 years61
    60 to 64 years41
    65 to 69 years16
    70 to 74 years14
    75 to 79 years2
    80 to 84 years4
    85 years and over2
    Median age (years)42.6
    16 years and over431
    18 years and over424
    21 years and over414
    62 years and over60
    65 years and over38
  Female population468
    Under 5 years22
    5 to 9 years15
    10 to 14 years18
    15 to 19 years26
    20 to 24 years20
    25 to 29 years46
    30 to 34 years60
    35 to 39 years26
    40 to 44 years41
    45 to 49 years32
    50 to 54 years40
    55 to 59 years42
    60 to 64 years30
    65 to 69 years25
    70 to 74 years8
    75 to 79 years7
    80 to 84 years6
    85 years and over4
    Median age (years)40.1
    16 years and over409
    18 years and over392
    21 years and over377
    62 years and over65
    65 years and over50
  Total population968
    One Race929
      Black or African American0
      American Indian and Alaska Native34
        Asian Indian0
        Other Asian1
      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1
        Native Hawaiian1
        Guamanian or Chamorro0
        Other Pacific Islander0
      Some Other Race4
    Two or More Races39
      White; American Indian and Alaska Native16
      White; Asian16
      White; Black or African American0
      White; Some Other Race2
    Race alone or in combination with one or more other races: 
      Black or African American2
      American Indian and Alaska Native52
      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander2
      Some Other Race9
  Total population968
    Hispanic or Latino (of any race)21
      Puerto Rican0
      Other Hispanic or Latino10
    Not Hispanic or Latino947
  Total population968
    Hispanic or Latino21
      White alone13
      Black or African American alone0
      American Indian and Alaska Native alone0
      Asian alone0
      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone0
      Some Other Race alone4
      Two or More Races4
    Not Hispanic or Latino947
      White alone872
      Black or African American alone0
      American Indian and Alaska Native alone34
      Asian alone5
      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone1
      Some Other Race alone0
      Two or More Races35
  Total population968
    In households936
        Own child under 18 years143
      Other relatives28
        Under 18 years7
        65 years and over6
        Under 18 years2
        65 years and over4
        Unmarried partner47
      In group quarters32
        Institutionalized population0
        Noninstitutionalized population32
  Total households436
    Family households (families)234
      With own children under 18 years92
      Husband-wife family196
        With own children under 18 years70
      Male householder, no wife present18
        With own children under 18 years8
      Female householder, no husband present20
        With own children under 18 years14
      Nonfamily households202
        Householder living alone146
            65 years and over6
            65 years and over12
          Households with individuals under 18 years98
          Households with individuals 65 years and over66
          Average household size2.15
          Average family size2.73
  Total housing units636
    Occupied housing units436
    Vacant housing units200
      For rent15
      Rented, not occupied2
      For sale only4
      Sold, not occupied0
      For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use48
      All other vacants131
    Homeowner vacancy rate (percent)1.6
    Rental vacancy rate (percent)7.1
  Occupied housing units436
    Owner-occupied housing units241
      Population in owner-occupied housing units573
      Average household size of owner-occupied units2.38
    Renter-occupied housing units195
      Population in renter-occupied housing units363

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