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What does IMPED stand for?

IMPED stands for Impedance

This definition appears very frequently

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BOSTON -- Monitoring fluid build-up in the chest by intrathoracic impedance is more predictive of events in heart failure patients compared with daily weight monitoring, according to the findings of a multicenter, prospective, double-blind investigation.
Introduction Testing for laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) can involve six different modalities: (1) the laryngeal examination, (2) ambulatory 24-hour double-probe (simultaneous esophageal and pharyngeal) pH monitoring, (3) esophageal manometry, (4) esophagoscopy or esophagography, (5) laryngeal sensory testing, and (6) intraluminal impedance monitoring.
The impedance multiplication concept with a positive feedback buffer amplifier was analyzed and utilized in a bootstrap PV transimpedance amplifier to measure photocurrent of a 200 [omega] shunt resistance photodiode with a maximum signal gain of [10.