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What does H DIST stand for?

H DIST stands for Horizontal Distance

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  • Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

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Other fixed parameters are the horizontal distance the ball has to cover, around 18-19 metres, the impact of aerodynamic drag per metre travelled, and the Magnus force effect.
The truck-mount was chosen because of its ability to easily cover the horizontal distance between the dock and the raised ship, whilst also supporting the weight of the engineering team and equipment, as well as being able to speedily set-up and depart from the busy quayside.
In four experiments aimed at finding "an ideal facial feature arrangement," US and Canadian researchers asked students to compare color photographs of the same woman's face, in which the vertical distance between the eyes and mouth, and horizontal distance between the eyes, had been doctored using Photoshop.
2 How to find the separators--The distances approach Distance map: * A distance value for each pixel; * If p is a white pixel, the distance value equals the number of pixels between the closest two black pixels on a specified direction; * If p is a black pixel, the distance value is 0; Types of distance maps: * Horizontal distance map (the horizontal direction is considered when searching for the closest two black pixels); * Vertical distance map (the vertical direction is considered when searching for the closest two black pixels); * Arbitrary direction distance map; Combining two or more distance maps: * Very restrictive: ** Final map = min(map0, map1, mapN); * Less restrictive: ** Final map = max(map0, map1, .