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What does FAST stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
FASTFree And Secure Trade
FASTFamilies and Schools Together
FASTFirst Aid and Safety Training (various locations)
FASTFiles and Settings Transfer (Microsoft)
FaSTFaculty and Student Teams
FASTFastenal (stock symbol)
FASTFixing America's Surface Transportation (law)
FASTFederation Against Software Theft
FASTFast Action Stunt Team (Turbo)
FASTFoundation for Assistive Technology
FASTFidelity Automated Service Telephone
FASTFlexible Authentication Via Secure Tunneling
FASTFive-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (China)
FASTFuture Attribute Screening Technology (US DHS)
FASTFort Collins Area Swim Team (Fort Collins, CO)
FASTFirst Aid Services Team (various organizations)
FASTFirst Alert Storm Team
FASTFaculté des Sciences et Techniques
FASTFuture Assault Shell Technology (helmet)
FASTFleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team
FASTFederazione delle Associazioni Scientifiche e Tecniche (Italy)
FASTFleet Antiterrorism Security Team (USMC)
FASTFast Auroral Snapshot (satellite)
FASTFormal Aspects in Security and Trust
FASTFaceted Application of Subject Terminology
FASTFast Auroral Snapshot Explorer (NASA)
FASTFluides, Automatique et Systèmes Thermiques (French: Fluid, Thermal and Automatic Systems)
FASTFuel Air Spark Technology
FASTFunctional Academic Skills Training
FASTFunction Analysis System Technique
FASTFinancial Abuse Specialist Team
FASTFinal Assembly and Test
FASTFederal and State Technology Partnership
FASTFixed Activated Sludge Treatment (Smith & Loveless, Inc.)
FASTFreeway and Arterial System of Transportation (Nevada)
FASTForeign Advisory Support Team (toys)
FASTFlorida Association of Science Teachers
FASTFluid Accumulation Status Trial
FASTFocused Abdominal Sonography for Trauma
FASTFree Assessment Summary Tool
FASTFinal Approach Spacing Tool (aviation)
FASTFood Allergy Survivors Together
FASTFreight Action Strategy
FASTForecasting and Assessment in Science and Technology
FASTFullerton Aquatics Sports Team (California)
FASTFlow Analysis Software Toolkit (IBM)
FASTFast Active Queue Management Scalable Transmission Control Protocol
FASTFederal Automotive Statistical Tool
FASTFirefighter Assist and Search Team
FASTFiduciary Abuse Specialist Team
FASTFast Access Spacecraft Testbed (DARPA)
FASTFayetteville Area System of Transit (Fayetteville, North Carolina bus system)
FASTFreelotto Automatic Subscription Ticket (game)
FASTField Assessment Team
FASTFujitsu Australia Software Technology
FASTField Assistance in Science and Technology
FASTFlight Aptitude Selection Test
FASTForschungsinstitut Fuer Angewandte Software-Technologie (German)
FASTFatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool
FASTFrappier Acceleration Sports Training (est. 1999)
FASTFlexible Access Secure Transfer
FASTFormative Assessment in Science Teaching
FASTFrench Advances in Science and Technology (newsletter)
FASTFixed Automated Spray Technology
FASTFunctional Adaptation Skills Training (rehabilitation program for late-life schizophrenia)
FASTFoundation for Athletes and Sport Training
FASTFamilies Against State Terrorism (Jamaica)
FASTForward Area Support Team
FASTFast Agglutination Screening Test (visceral leishmaniasis)
FASTFacility Access and Shipment Tracking (USPS)
FASTFuel And Sensor, Tactical (CFTs on aircraft)
FASTFlexible Acquisition & Sustainment Tool (US Air Force)
FASTFugitive Active Search Team (Belgian Federal Police)
FASTFugitive Apprehension Strike Team
FASTFederal Acquisition Services for Technology
FASTFederal Account Symbols and Titles
FASTFirst Application System Test
FASTFairchild Advanced Schottky TTL
FASTFriendship Aquatics Swim Team (Athens, GA)
FASTFast Automatic Shuttle Transfer
FASTFood and Allied Service Trades Department (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations)
FASTFile and Storage Technologies Conference
FASTFunctional Analysis Screening Tool
FASTFemoral Artery Stenting Trial
FASTFunctional Assessment Staging Tool (Alzheimer's staging tool)
FASTFactory Appearing Stock Tire (drag racing format)
FASTForward Area Support Terminal
FASTForum for the Analysis of Sport Technology
FASTFAA Acquisition System Toolset
FASTFamily Advocacy Staff Training
FASTFast Acceleration of Symbolic Transition
FASTFormation and Safety Team (aircraft)
FASTFMRIB's Automated Segmentation Tool
FASTFuture Aviation Safety Team (Europe and USA)
FASTFacilitated Application Specification Technique (facilitator training)
FASTFace Arms Speech Time (stroke symptoms evaluation & response test)
FASTFlorida Association of State Troopers
FASTFeasible Adjoint Sensitivity Technique
FASTFirst Alert System Text Corp. (Port Orange, FL)
FASTFolding Articulated Square Truss
FASTFailure Analysis Service Technology
FASTForfeit Abatement and Seizure Team (Houston, TX)
FASTFast Acquisition Search and Track
FASTFuture Advanced Sequencer Technology
FASTFugitive Apprehension Service Team
FASTFamilies and Survivors of Tsunami Project (International Federation of Social Workers Asia Pacific)
FASTFly-Away Satellite Terminal
FASTFlexible Ada Simulation Tool
FASTFugitive Apprehension Strike Task Force
FASTFluorinel and Storage (facility)
FASTFleet Antiterrorism Support Team (US Navy)
FASTForward Air Strike
FASTFacility for Absorption and Surface Tension
FASTFoundations in Area Studies for Translators
FASTFlexible Accelerated Stress Test
FASTField Assistance Support Team
FASTFederation of American Statisticians of Track
FASTFugitive Assessment Sampling Train
FASTFunctional Agility and Speed Training
FASTFiber Access thru Sewer Tubes (Alcatel)
FASTFlying Ambulance Surgical Trauma (Team)
FASTForeign-deployed Advisory Support Team (DEA)
FASTFuel Assembly Stability Test
FASTFreshmen Aggies Spreading Traditions
FASTField Automation Support Team
FASTFugitive Apprehension Strike Force
FASTFuture Army Schools Twenty-One (21st Century)
FASTFreight Automated System for Traffic Management
FASTFugitive Apprehension Select Team
FASTForce Automated Surveillance and Targeting
FASTFlow Analysis System for TRANSCOM
FASTFleet Aircrew Simulation Training (US Navy)
FASTFederal Aviation Administration Acquisition System Toolsets
FASTField Adaptable Systems Technology
FASTFan And Supersonic Turbine
FASTFocused Assessment of Sonography for Trauma
FASTFoundation for the Advancement of Science & Technology (university in Pakistan)
FASTFoundation for the Advancement of Science & Technology, Inc. (Makati City, Philippines)
FASTForward Alpha Scattering Technique
FASTFuel And Sensor Tank
FASTFleet Assist and Support Team
FASTFacilitated Awareness Stimulus Training Technique (trademark of Ronald Nathan)
FASTFaculty Administration Support Tool
FASTField Artillery Survey Team
FASTFuture Analytical Support Team
FASTFuze Activating Static Target
FASTFuture Aircrew Sustainment Trainer
FASTField Automation Sales Tool (Sprint)
FASTFacilities Assessment Study Team
FASTFlorida Alliance of Substitute Teachers
FASTForce Analysis Simulation Technique
FASTFriendly, Accurate, Speedy, Trained (Arby's)
FASTFriends At Socializing Time (Woodgrove Primary School Singapore)
FASTFuel Aerosol Simulation Test
FASTFuels Automated Sample Tracking
FASTForward Area Shelterized Tower
FASTFrame-based ATM over SONET Transport
FASTField's Automated Sales Technology
FASTFleet AAW System Trainer
FASTFirefighters Accident & Sickness Trust
FASTFully Automatic Systems Test
FASTFuture Area Shelterized Tower
FASTFinancial Assistance to Student of Telangana (Telangana, India)
FASTFinal Assembly and System Test (space flight)
FASTFree Ad-Supported Streaming TV (media poduction\)

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