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What does D-A stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
DADouble Action
DADark Angel (TV show; band)
DADate (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
DAData Analysis
DADistrict Attorney
DADragon Age (game)
DADevelopment Application (Australia)
DADeadly Alliance (gaming clan)
DADark Age
DADemocratic Alliance (South African political party)
DADrug Abuse
DADatabase Administration
DADevelopment Assistance
DADouglas Adams (author)
DADirectory Assistance
DADistribution Amplifier (audio/video production)
DADental Assistant
DADirectory Access
DADark Arts (Harry Potter)
DAData Acquisition
DaDalton (mass spectrometry)
DADesign Automation
DADumb Ass
DADecision Analysis
DADeath Angel (band)
dAdeviantART, Inc.
DADamage Assessment
DADelta Airlines
DADual Action (sander)
DADisadvantage (debate)
DADepartment of Agriculture (Phillipines)
DADon't Answer
DADan Aykroyd (actor)
DADirection Assistée (French: Power Steering)
DADario Argento (film director)
DADistribution Automation
DADesign Agency (DOE)
DADartford (postcode, United Kingdom)
DADaniel Amos (band)
DADark Angels (Space Marine Chapter, gaming)
DAData Adapter
DADirectional Antenna
DADeputy Administrator
DAData Administration
DADiretorio Academico
DADimensional Analysis (logical method of dosage calculation used in medicine)
DADead Animal
DADauerauftrag (German periodical payment order)
DAAlgerian Dinar
DADomestic Affairs (UK ministerial committee)
DADifferentiated Accountability (US Department of Education)
DADarwin Award
DADaisuke Asakura (musician)
DADaily Allowance
DADefense Acquisition
DADesk Accessory
DADeposit Account
DAGroupe Danone (stock symbol)
DADad's Army (UK TV show)
DADeutsche Allgemeine (German insurance)
DADumbledore's Army (Harry Potter)
DADelayed Action
DADark Archon (Starcraft: Brood Wars game)
DADearness Allowance (India)
DADark Adaptation
DADefence Association (Harry Potter)
DADisney Adventures (magazine)
DAData Administrator
DADermatitis Atopica (Spanish: Atópic Dermatitis)
DADose Assessment
DADurham Academy (North Carolina)
DADoctor of Arts
DADirected Action
DADairy Australia (Southbank Victoria, Australia)
DADevelopment Agent
DADistributed Arithmetic
DADecision Altitude
DADisc Area (ophthalmology)
DAData Automation
DADisney Afternoon
DADisaster Action (UK)
DADyslexia Action (UK)
DADragon Amulet (Dragon Fable; online game)
DADeflection Amplifier
DADecimal Adjust (assembly language directive)
DADiscriminate Analysis
DADisplaced Abomasum (intestinal disease of post-partum cattle)
DAData Aided
DADrift Angle
DADisclosure Authorization
DADistal Arthrogryposis
DADirect Appointment (source of commission for military officers)
DADouble Amplitude
DADivisional Artillery
DADéfibrillateur Automatique (French: Automatic Defibrillator)
DADocking Adapter
DADuck's Ass (haircut)
DADiphenylchloroarsine (organoarsenic compound)
DADays After Acceptance
DADistribution Assembly (NASA)
DADuck's Ass (drink)
D-ADonor-to-Acceptor (molecular physiology)
DADivine Aura
DADark Anima (gaming, Final Fantasy X)
DADirectorate of Administration
DADeutsches Arzneibuch
DADissolved Acetylene
DADevotion Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
DADisk Adaptor
DADakar Academy (Senegal)
DADecision Agent (DMS component)
DADynamic Atlas
DADescent Advisor
DADestructive Assay
DADiscrete Address
DADamaged Article
DADalmatinska Akcija (Croatian: Dalmatian Action political party)
DADefensive Average (baseball statistic for hit balls)
DADiscontinued Availability
DADroidarena (online game)
DADiploma in Anaesthesiology
DADecessit Anno (Latin: Died in Year, epigraphy)
DADamage Adjustment (Inventory Control)
DADirectorate for Administration (DIA)
DADisbursements Account (shipping)
DADefective Article
DADentalman Apprentice (Naval rating)
DADeparture Approved
DADonuts Anonymous (FFFBI)
DADomination Area
DADifferencing Assembly
DADonor Alliance, Inc.
DADominion Atlantic Railway Company
DADirective Authorization
DADiscretionary Absence
DADawson & Associates, LLC
DADetonation-Control Algorithm
DAAerospace trajectory drift
DADegenerate Acronym (i.e., one with two letters or less)
DADocuments For/Against Acceptance
DADiesel Air Starting and Shutdown
DADevelopment Activity/Assist
DADevil's Advocate
DADevolved Administration (UK)
DADevelopmental Authority
DADeviantart (online artist's community)
DADetroit Arsenal (Center Line, MI)
DADesignated Acquisition Program
DADesignated Agent
DADeveloping Activity
DADeveloping Agency
DADeployment Assembly (NASA)
DADepot Availability
DADesign Activity
DADesk Attendant
DADesktop Administration
DADesperation Attack (gaming, Final Fantasy III)
DADestination Address
DAdestructive analysis
DADesign Agent
DADesign Area
DADesign Authority
DADiplomatic Academy (various locations)
DADirect Access
DADirect Action
DADiabetes Australia
DADiagnóstico Ambiental (Guatemala)
DADick Around
DADictionary of Americanisms
DADielectric Absorption
DADiesel Air
DADigital Alliance
DADigital Analysis
DADigital Anvil (software developer)
DADilution Air
DADisproportionate Asset (taxes; India)
DADegree of Acetylation
DADeka (metric prefix, 10)
DADelegated Authority
DADelicious Agony (online radio station)
DADemand Assignment
DADenver Academy
DADepartment of Audit
DADepartment of the Army
DADemocratic Alternative (Former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia)
DADemocrats Abroad
DADemographic Analysis (statistics; US Census Bureau)
DaAerospace Drift (US DoD)
DADomain Administrator
DADomestic Abuse
DADivisional Accountant (India)
DADoppelader (German: Pair)
DADouble Acting (pneumatic actuators)
DADouble Agent (US DoD)

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