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What does DROP) stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
DEARDrop Everything And Read
DSDrop Ship
DDDrop Dead
ODSTOrbital Drop Shock Trooper (game)
DNDDrag and Drop
DZDrop Zone
D&DDrag and Drop (mouse interface)
MDMail Drop
ADMAdd/Drop Multiplexer
ROADMReconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
DODDrop On Demand
VDVoltage Drop
DDLDrop-Down List (user interface)
DDGDrop Dead Gorgeous
DGDrop Goal (rugby)
DKDrop Kick (wrestling move)
DKDrop Knee (body boarding style)
BDCBullet Drop Compensator
WSSWavelength Selective Switch (Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer)
OADMOptical Add-Drop Multiplexer (optical telecommunications device)
DPDrop Point
DHCDrop Head Coupe (automobile with convertible top; principally UK)
DDMDrop Down Menu
FFDFat Freddy's Drop (band)
EDSEgg Drop Syndrome
DEARDrop Everything And Run
WTDWeighted Tail Drop (Cisco)
MDMagical Drop (SNK game)
DSDDrop Size Distribution
PGNDLMPrecision Guided Needle-Dropping and Larynx Munitions (General Patton vs the X-ecutioners song)
HDHeavy Drop
DZDropping Zone
D&IDrop and Insert (telecommunications)
IRDIce-Rafted Detritus (pebbles dropped on sea floor by icebergs)
DICDrop in Centre
GTTGuttae (Latin: Drops)
DORDrop on Request
DMEDropping Mercury Electrode
PVDSPlant-Verified Drop Shipment (USPS)
DGDDrop Dead Gorgeous
MDBMulti Drop Bus
DEALDrop Everything And Listen
DDDropping Daylight (band)
ADSAAxisymmetric Drop-Shape Analysis
RDIASRegistered Drop-In Auto Sear
DOPDrop Off Point
GttsDrops per minute (medical)
HMDEHanging Mercury Drop Electrode
ADMAdd-Drop Multiplex
DDDangerous Drop
LVADLow Velocity Air Drop
SDRStop Drop and Roll
P(DROP)Packet Dropping Probability
LDCLine-Drop Compensation
ODFSOdstock Dropped Foot Stimulator
HEVHuman Entry Vehicle (gaming drop pod in, Halo)
DFRDropped From Rolls
DIGMADrop-In Group Medical Appointment
DCPDDirect Current Potential Drop
DVDDynamic Voltage Drop (electronics)
WADMWavelength Add/Drop Multiplexer (Alcatel)
DDSDrop Dead Sexy (band)
DPDrop Policy (IEEE)
DIGDrop in Game (informal ice hockey)
DPMDrop Physics Module
ACPDAlternating Current Potential Drop
DDDDrop Dead Date
ODFOne Drop Filling
SLDSupercooled Large Drops
TFDThe First Drop
D&HDrop and Hook (shipping)
DLBDead-Letter Box (espionage tradecraft; aka dead drop)
DIMDrop-In Module
PMDDPoor Man's Dosing Drops
LDKLemon Drop Kid (film and musician)
GDLDGelatinous Drop-Like Corneal Dystrophy
FSDOFirst Shot Drop Off (paintball)
DSDrop Siding
MDMaintenance Drop
DIASDrop in Auto Sear (firearms)
DDTDrop Dead Twice
GDGiant Drop (amusement park ride)
BDPUBubble Drop and Particle Unit
IFFDInternal Flows in a Free Drop (NASA)
DTFDrop-Tube Furnace
3DDudley Death Drop (pro wrestling move)
DWTTDrop Weight Tear Test
DITBDrop in the Bucket (humanitarian aid; est. 2006)
OADXOptical Add/Drop Switch (Meriton)
DBNBDrop Beats Not Bombs (antiwar event; UK)
DLOSPDropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (maritime business)
DWTDrop Weight Test
ERDEarly Random Drop
DOPPDropped Object Prevention Program
DDLBDrop Down List Box
LPDOLoose Pieces Drop Off (chess website)
SMDEStatic Mercury Drop Electrode
WDDCWomen's Daytime Drop-In Center (Berkeley CA)
SDSStop. Drop, 'n Skank (band)
JJDJohnny Just Drop (song)
LIFDLast in First Drop
DKUDrop Kick Ugly
R-OADMReconfigurable-Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
DCRDrop Call Rate (cell phones)
LQDLongest Queue Drop (computing)
MFDMulticast Fast Drop (Cisco)
HTDHold 'Till Drop (investing strategy)
DTUDDrink 'Til U Drop
DZSODrop Zone Safety Officer
LSHMSFOAIDMTLaughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls off and I Drop My Taco
DOLSPDropping Off Last Sea Pilot (Norway; maritime)
DIBDrop in Box
DDTSDon't Drop the Soap
ADFAdd-Drop Filter
DMRDrop My Rights
DSNBDrop Sneakers Not Bombs (charity sneaker collection)
FOADMFixed Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
EEMAEuropean Environmental Management Association (acronym meaning has been dropped; now Independent European Association for E- business)
BDNDBubble and Drop Nonlinear Dynamics
SCRAMStart Cutting Right Away Man (cut the rope that drops control rods into reactor to stop the reaction)
ADAAdd/Drop Amplifier (Pirelli)
SDARStop, Drop, And Roll
SDDMSimple Drop-Down Menu
CDGDLCorneal Dystrophy, Gelatinous Drop-Like
DOLPSDropping Off Last Pilot Station (shipping)
COADMConfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (optical communications)
DAPLDropping A Popped Locket (band)
GADGuard Capacity Adaptation Based on Dropping
RDReaver Drop (Starcraft video game)
EADIExtended Availability Drop and Insert (Cisco)
CDRCargo Drop Reel
ADDAdd/Drop Distributor (NEC)
ADSA-PAxisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis by Profile
CDRCall-Dropping Rate
EDSQEye-Drop Satisfaction Questionnaire
PTDPermission to Drop (university)
HSDOHigh School Drop-Out
IDDGIntellectually Drop Dead Gorgeous
CDODContinuous Drop on Demand (printing)
CAPSCombat Air Drop Planning Software
DEAPDrop Everything and Pray
DTOKABDrop To One Knee And Bow
DLZDrop Landing Zone
DZSTDrop Zone Support Team (US Army)
NDWSNo Drop Weapon Scoring
SDPSegment and Drop Policy (IEEE)
LVDLow-Velocity Drop
DZESDrop Zone Extreme Sports
ESLIEarly School Leavers' Initiative (est. 1998; drop-out prevention; Ireland)
HDTHelmet Drop Tower
DOPDropped Object Protection (Structures)
DmDrop in Magnitude (astronomy)
DMALDrop Me A Line
DNRDrop And Run (medical)
ADDAcoustic Drop Detect
HDPHandoff Call-Dropping Probability
HVDPHeavy Drop
OWADOptical Wavelength Add/Drop
DZCODrop Zone Control Officer
ACDZAir Capital Drop Zone (Wichita, KS)
ADDAverage Drop Distance
DEARDrop Everything and Roll
DWIRDrops, Withdrawals, Incompletes, and Repeats (various universities)
DDPDeflect and Drop Policy (IEEE)
DDPDistribution Drop Point
DDDDudley Death Drop (pro wrestling)
EDTEarly Drop by Threshold
PDBParachutist Drop Bag
PDPPreemptive Drop Policy
POADMProgrammable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (Global Opticom)
SDMEsingle drop micro extraction
UDUnofficially Dropped (grading system)
ULDOUltra Low Drop Output
WDEWavelength Drop Edge
JDFJackson Drop Forge Company
DDTDrop Dead Thread (forum)
DFTCDrop-Frame Time Code
DSDDrop Ship Delivery
DSDPDeflect, Segment and Drop Policy (IEEE)
DSGDrop Siding
DADMDigital Add-Drop Multiplexer
DALTDrop Altitude
ASNDAnother Scientific Needle Drop (radio show)
KDCCCKalamazoo Drop-In Child Care Center (Kalamazoo, MI)
OADNOptical Add/Drop Node (Sycamore)
NDRNo Drop Rate
FAUFlexible Add/Drop Unit
GDEGrooming Drop Edge
TIDTerminal Indication Dropped
SDDPSegment, Deflect and Drop Policy (IEEE)
SADMSonet Add-Drop Multiplexer
SWAKSingle Wavelength Add/Drop Cassette
PFDZPolish Free Drop Zone (Poland)
LDELightpath Drop Edge
ADLAdd/Drop Linear (Alcatel)
ADZOAssociation of Drop Zone Operators (South Africa)
DFSDPDeflect First, Segment, and Drop Policy
IPDIntentional Packet Dropping