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What does WALBURN stand for?

WALBURN stands for Cryptographic Equipment

This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories:

  • Military and Government

Samples in periodicals archive:

The Kik-11 is being designed to simplify loading classified key fill material into military radios and cryptographic equipment.
MOS 250A MOS 250A was added in October 1987 as it subsumed MOS 290A, Telecommunications Technician, created September 1977 from MOS 341A, cryptographic equipment repair technician, (created 3 Jun 61) which was previously MOS 4418, cryptographic repair officer, (created 18 Nov 57) and MOS 721A, cryptographic technician, (created 3 Jun 61) which was previously MOS 0224, message center officer, cryptographic, (created 30 Oct 43).
Bucher asked for a means to destroy, if needed, the cryptographic equipment and also that he would like someone "qualified" to operate the .
The KG-40AR is a 'form, fit and function' replacement for the now obsolete KG-40A cryptographic equipment and will be a vital element of US Navy, US Army and NATO Link 11 tactical data link operations.
Key management encompasses the generation of KVs, their transport to all crypto equipment in the system without compromise, their insertion into the cryptographic equipment (often called key entry), the coordination of key entry in terms of time so that all cryptographic units are using the correct key at the correct time, the destruction or erasure (zeroizing) of keys after use, and the use of alternate and emergency KVs when compromise of the security system is suspected.