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What does K$ stand for?

K$ stands for Constant Dollars

This definition appears very frequently

Samples in periodicals archive:

There is unsettling news for lower-income college aspirants, however: While grant aid per student remains significantly higher for low-income students and lowest for high-income students, data from the report shows that the gap is narrowing as federal aid becomes less and less targeted on students with need: * More than three-quarters of state-funded financial aid remains need-based, but while need-based state grants grew 50 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars during the 1990s, merit-based state grants more than tripled in constant dollars between 1990-2000.
However, when relative prices change, constant dollars tend to place too much weight on goods or services for which relative prices have fallen and too little emphasis on items for which relative prices have risen.
The "residual," which is the difference between constant-dollar GDP less the statistical discrepancy in constant dollars and GDP in constant dollars measured as the sum of GPO by industry, was -$33.