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What does CP stand for?

CP stands for Conditional Probability

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We encounter major figures in the field from antiquity onwards, and are shown how conditional probability might have led the OJ Simpson jury to a different verdict, as well as how ellipses and parabolic curves can help you whisper sweet nothings to your one and only.
In view of this we examined post hoc the conditional probability (the probability of an event occurring assuming another event has already occurred) of response to SJW compared with placebo and antidepressants via an analysis of a pooled sample of MDD patients from two 8 week RCTs comparing SSRIs versus SJW (The Hypericum Depression Trial Study Group study 2002 and the Fava et al study 2005).
In probability theory, Bayes' theorem shows the relation between one conditional probability and its inverse; for example, the probability of a hypothesis given observed evidence and the probability of that evidence given the hypothesis.
To make anthropic reasoning quantitative (and hence more scientific), one must specify the a priori probabilities of the various constants of nature, and the conditional probability that intelligent life will emerge which is capable of "observing" a universe characterized by those constants.
For instance, if interest lies in the conditional probability of an event A, given an event B has occurred, the formula for this calculation is P(A | B) = P(B | A)P(A)/P(B) (1) In Research on Social Work Practice, Wolf-Branigin and Duke (2007) attempted to use Bayes's theorem to compute probabilities of involvement in spiritual activities and completing a Salvation Army substance abuse treatment program.