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What does CONTRAIL stand for?

CONTRAIL stands for Condensation Trail

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  • Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

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According to study published by the journal Nature Climate Change: "Aircraft condensation trails and the clouds that form from them may be causing more warming today than all the aircraft-emitted carbon dioxide that has accumulated in the atmosphere since the start of aviation.
Pretty big' missile Robert Ellsworth, a former Nato ambassador and former deputy defence secretary, reviewed the video with KCBS and described the condensation trail as "pretty big" and not likely to be from a Tomahawk cruise missile.
I don't dispute that cars pose a threat to the environment, but planes pose a much greater one because a) their exhaust fumes are emitted at high altitude, where they create a blanket of translucent smog which reflects heat back to the earth, b) hot moist air from the engines helps form condensation trails which add to global warming and c) the burning of kerosene in aircraft engines helps to form cirrus clouds which also adds to it.
Aircraft also spew water vapor at high altitude that forms condensation trails or "contrails," which are visible cloud lines that are common in cold, humid atmospheres.