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What does cd/m2 stand for?

cd/m2 stands for Candelas per Square Meter

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The eye, instead, sees the light emitted or reflected off of a surface, measured in candelas per square meter (cd/m2).
The new module boasts excellent picture quality, ideal for preview monitoring and verification use in broadcast stations and post-production studios, thanks to full high-definition (1920 1080) resolution, high luminance of 460 candelas per square meter (cd/m2), a wide color gamut of 97% (NTSC ratio) and a double frame rate of 120 Hertz to improve motion picture performance.
Major Features - Wide screen with 16:9 aspect ratio - High luminance of 350 candelas per square meters (cd/m2) that provides excellent lighting on the liquid crystal panel and in the backlight system - A touch panel that makes the new TFT-LCD module an excellent choice for use in mobile terminals and which can lead to reduced development costs and shorter lead times for manufacturers of portable devices NEC LCD Technologies will continue to commercialize products with better display technologies and higher functionality, including small LCD modules for portable devices that aim to contribute to a user-friendly networked information society.