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What does A.R.C.-Europe stand for?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
SEESouth East(ern) Europe
WEWest Europe
USEUniversity of Southern Europe (Spain)
SESouthern Europe
TFOEThe Future of Europe (series)
NOENintendo of Europe
DATEDesign, Automation, and Test in Europe (Conference)
NAENorth America and Europe (various organizations)
CECouncil of Europe
EENEnterprise Europe Network
EMAEurope Music Awards (MTV)
COECouncil Of Europe
VEVictory in Europe (World War II)
FAREFootball Against Racism in Europe
OSCEOrganization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
SESystems Europe (Belgium)
StmkSteiermark (State, Styria, Austria Europe)
EMEAEurope, Middle East and Africa (business/market areas)
CEECentral and Eastern Europe
WISEWater Information System for Europe (EU)
ARDAgricultural Research for Development (in Europe)
RFERLRadio Free Europe Radio Liberty
CORDISCommunity Research and Development Information Service (Europe)
ESNErasmus Student Network (Europe)
ECEEast Central Europe
C&EECentral and Eastern Europe
CFEConventional Forces in Europe (treaty)
AEAlzheimer Europe
RFERadio Free Europe
ECAEurope and Central Asia
ECEEconomic Commission for Europe
LTLandtag (Legislative Body, Austria, Europe)
RSRallye Sport (Ford Motor Company; Europe)
AMFACE (Allied Command, Europe) Mobile Force
ECOEurope Centrale et Orientale (France: Central and Eastern Europe)
ASEMAsia-Europe Meeting
EELVEurope Écologie les Verts (French: European Ecology Greens)
ENAEuropean Nitrogen Assessment (Nitrogen in Europe)
PACEParliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
ENAEurope and North America
SCEESony Computer Entertainment Europe
YMEYamaha Motor Europe
GEMGreater Europe Mission (Monument, CO)
ALDEAlliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
CVCECentre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe (French: Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe)
ULUnilever (Europe)
MTSMobile TeleSystems (GSM cellular operator in Central and Eastern Europe)
StRStadtrat (Austria, Europe)
EFBBEuropa für Bürgerinnen und Bürger (German: Europe for Citizens)
BGBezirksgericht (Court of Justice; Austria, Europe)
UNECEUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
USEUnited States of Europe (possible name for politically united future European Union)
ASEFAsia-Europe Foundation
COEChamber Orchestra of Europe
CEDHCour Européenne des Droits de l'Homme (French: European Court of Human Rights; Council of Europe)
KtnKaernten (German: Carinthia; Austria Europe)
CEOCorporate Europe Observatory
AFSOUTHAllied Forces, Southern Europe (NATO)
AFCENTAllied Forces Central Europe (NATO)
FSCFujitsu Siemens Computers (Europe)
ECALEuropean Conference on Artificial Life (Europe; biannual conference; est. 1989)
EEMEAEastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (region)
CEIBSChina Europe International Business School (Shanghai, China)
HMEHonda Motor Europe (vehicles)
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander, Europe
SEESquare Enix Europe (video games)
CCECustom Chrome Europe
GHEGeneral Hydroponies Europe (various locations)
AALAmbient Assisted Living (Europe)
BGBundesgymnasium (School; Austria, Europe)
SHARESurvey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe
NECNew Europe College (Romania)
HOEHostels of Europe
WSOPEWorld Series of Poker Europe
DACHGermany, Austria and Switzerland (German-speaking Europe)
FMEFormal Methods Europe
LGLandesgericht (Court of Justice; Austria, Europe)
EMIAEurope, Middle East, India and Africa
CEDHConvention Européenne des Droits de l'Homme (French: European Convention on Human Rights; Council of Europe)
EbSEurope by Satellite
FSEEFinancial Services for Eastern Europe (UK)
HTEHitachi Tool Engineering Europe GmbH (Japan)
CIECareers in Europe (now Careers International)
CTMCommunity Trade Mark (Europe)
TBTTravel by Train (Europe)
ASDAeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe
OSCEOrganisation Pour la Sécurité et la Coopération en Europe (French: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
ECEEconomische Commissie voor Europa (Dutch: Economic Commission for Europe; UN)
FSFEFree Software Foundation Europe
ODIHROffice for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
CSCECommission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (US government agency involved in work of OSCE)
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe (NATO)
PSEPortable Sanitation Europe (trade association)
HPEHitachi Power Europe
USAFEUnited States Air Forces in Europe
PIEPlastics Information Europe (publication)
AFMEAssociation for Financial Markets in Europe (est. 2009)
HWEHuguenots-Walloons-Europe (mailing list)
SCAESpeciality Coffee Association of Europe
CIEComputability in Europe
ISSEInformation Security Solutions Europe
CPTConvention for the Prevention of Torture (Council of Europe)
EJNEurope Jazz Network (est. 1987)
WIDEWomen in Development Europe (NGO network)
TEEToshiba Electronics Europe
CDECouncil for Democratic Elections (Europe)
ALTEAssociation of Language Testers in Europe
CAFEClean Air for Europe
XRCEXerox Research Centre Europe
SCPESurveillance of Cerebral Palsy in Europe (healthcare)
AQTEApplied Quality Technologies Europe
EFDEurope of Freedom and Democrcy (politics)
WECFWomen Engage for a Common Future (formerly Women in Europe for a Common Future)
UMFEUltra Music Festival Europe
TTEToyota Team Europe (automobile racing)
CESConference of European Statisticians (annual; UN Economic Commission for Europe)
MCEMajor Cities of Europe
SIESemester in Europe (study abroad program; various schools)
RoERest of Europe
IEEIntelligent Energy for Europe (EU)
EUROCAEEuropean Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (regulatory agency for certifying aviation equipment in Europe)
WACCOEWe Are the Champions Champions of Europe
E&EEurope and Eurasia
R&TTERadio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (Directive; Europe)
BMEBrunswick Marine in EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa)
CERCentral Europe Review
V-EVictory in Europe (V-E Day; May 8, 1945)
EDDEurope Dental Distribution (various locations)
UN/ECEUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
EFDDEurope of Freedom and Direct Democracy (political group)
MCPFEMinisterial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe
IRPPIntegrated Rehabilitation Project Plan (archaeological project of Council of Europe)
MREMajor Roads of Europe (maps)
TEGToshiba Europe GmbH
ECEEEconomies of Central and Eastern Europe (conference)
CEBCouncil of Europe Development Bank
AKPBSAga Khan Planning and Building Services (Europe)
SIOEStop Islamisation of Europe
EEPAEurope External Policy Advisors (est. 2003; Brussels, Belgium)
FCEFlat Carbon Europe (ArcelorMittal)
CEOCentral Europe Online
USAREURUnited States Army, Europe (US DoD)
OFEOpenforum Europe
RRRegierungsrat (Austria, Europe)
EAFAEurope Australasia Far East (stock index)
ACAREAdvisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (EU)
EAFEEurope, Australasia and Far East
PARLEParallel Architectures and Languages Europe (International Conference)
MERISMedium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (Europe)
YREYouth Against Racism in Europe (London, UK)
TFEToray Films Europe (chemical industry group)
HSEHome Shopping Europe
FCNMFramework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (Council of Europe)
EEMAEastern Europe, Middle East and Africa
HICPHarmonised Index of Consumer Prices (Europe)
EIGEurope India Gateway (submarine communications cable system)
IPEInvestment & Pensions Europe
TRETele-Rilevamento Europa (Italian: Tele-Detection Europe)
SENSESouth East News Service Europe
HHTEHitachi High-Technologies Europe
OHEOmron Healthcare Europe (Netherlands)
FCEForces Armées Conventionnelles en Europe (French: Conventional Armed Forces in Europe)
DERDestination Europe Resources (trademark of New World Travel, Inc.; New York, NY)
CIRSECardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe
DPEDigital Preservation Europe
IATEInter-Active Terminology for Europe
TETeam Europe (gaming)
HCMEHitachi Construction Machinery Europe
ISFEInteractive Software Federation of Europe
ESCEurope Sanitaire Chauffage (French: Europe Sanitary and Heating)
ISDInvestment Services Directive (Europe)
SEERSouth-East Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs (European Trade Union Institute; Brussels, Belgium)
CLOEClusters Linked Over Europe (multi-government exchange)
NEWCOMNetwork of Excellence in Wireless Communications (Europe)
DMEDesign Management Europe
INSPIREInfrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (EU directive)
GMEGeneral Motors Europe
FEEEFondation pour l'Education à l'Environnement en Europe (French: Education Foundation for the Environment in Europe)
COSINECooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe
ACEAllied Command, Europe
EUDEurope of Democracies (Alliance for a)
PECOPays d'Europe Centrale et Orientale (French: Countries of Central and Eastern Europe)
EMCEurope Machine Company (France)
KMEKawasaki Motors Europe NV
JEBAJordan Europe Business Association (Amman, Jordan)
BFEBridgestone/Firestone Europe (tires)
TIMETop Industrial Managers for Europe
TMEToyota Motor Europe
DCIEDynamiques Citoyennes en Europe (French: Dynamic People in Europe)
FVEFederation of Veterinarians of Europe
AEIAlpha Europe Immobilier (French real estate agency)
APMEAssociation of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe
EECAEastern Europe and Central Asia (region)
OSZEOrganisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa (German: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
CESEComparative Education Society in Europe (est. 1961)
EDDEurope of Democracies and Diversities
EGFEuropean Garden Flora (plant hardiness zones; Europe)
EMEAEurope, Middle East and Asia (market area)