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What does 17-KS stand for?

17-KS stands for 17-Ketosteroids

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3 nmol/L) 2 SV Adult body odor and increased growth velocity at 5 years; basal 17OHP, 16 946 ng/dL (509 nmol/L) 6 SV Diagnosed at 10 years with significant virilization including clitoromegaly, hirsutism, muscular habitus, and low voice; bone age, 15 years at chronologic age of 10 years; elevated urinary 17-ketosteroids 7 NC Diagnosed at 28 years with hirsutism, male pattern baldness; basal 17OHP, 740 ng/dL (22 nmol/L); cosyntropin/stimulated 17OHP, 3460 ng/ dL (104 nmol/L); precocious puberty with menarche at age 8 years 7S (c) NC Diagnosed at 62 years secondary to family genetic studies; basal 17OHP, 813 ng/dL (24 nmol/L); cosyntropin/stimulated 17OHP, 7190 ng/ dL (216 nmol/L); menarche at age 9 years (a) 17OHP, 17-hydroxyprogesterone.