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What does VFR stand for?

VFR stands for Volumetric Flow Rate

This definition appears very rarely

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The advantage of the Cat Pumps' 3841 triplex positive displacement plunger pump lies in its high efficiency, high pressure capability, and constant volumetric flow rate irrespective of pressure.
In 1973, Mitsuishi and Aoyagi [26] extended the approach of Redberger and Charles [24] to non-Newtonian fluids and obtained an approximate solution by using the variational method, while Guckes [27] presented procedures for calculating the volumetric flow rate for power law and Bingham-plastic fluids.
Although both input variables could be used for the control, the volumetric flow rate of the dilution was set as constant and the volumetric flow rate of the clean water was used as an action value.
Strengths Limitations * Non-invasive (clamp-on) * Higher set-up costs * No moving parts * Pipe-wall interference * Detect zero flow * Clean gases only (Transit) * High life expectancy * Need particles (Doppler) * Wide range of larger pipe sizes * Known gas profiles only Variable Area Also known as rotameters, VA flowmeters typically comprise a tapered glass or plastic tube and an internal metering float, with the volumetric flow rate proportional to the displacement of the float.
Although the total head related to the circumferential velocity component was little dependent on the amplitude of impeller angular oscillation, the volumetric flow rate related to the radial velocity component, as a result of the energy transformation from a pressure head to a velocity head, was shown to be larger at a larger amplitude.