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What does U-238 stand for?

U-238 stands for Uranium-238

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In 20 percent fuel, the ratio of ordinary uranium-238 to its fissile isotope uranium-235 has already been processed from the 993:7 figure seen in natural uranium to 28:7, just short of the 1:7 needed for weapons-grade uranium.
In addition, much of the larger part of uranium, Uranium-238, which cannot split, grabs on to neutrons and turns into Plutonium-239, the most radioactive substance known.
In either the generation of electricity or the creation of a nuclear weapon, natural uranium ore must be refined and enriched to increase the number of fissile (and rare) uranium-235 isotopes, or plutonium must be created by bombarding common uranium-238 isotopes with neutrons and then separating that plutonium from fission waste products.
36 In the extremely long-lasting radioactive decay sequence used to date ancient rocks, uranium-238 eventually becomes a stable isotope of which element?
During the enrichment process, uranium-235, with a half-life of 704 million years, is separated in a centrifuge from "depleted" uranium-238, with a half-life of 4.