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What does TMTX stand for?

TMTX stands for Trimetrexate

This definition appears somewhat frequently

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If the patient has an allergy to sulfa drugs, alternative regimens include intravenous pentamidine, trimethoprim and dapsone, clindamycin and primaquine, or atovaquone and trimetrexate.
c) A, atovaquone; CO, cotrimoxazole; C/P, clindamycin/primaquine; D, dapsone; D+T, dapsone and trimethoprim; P, pentamidine; P+A, pentamidine and atovaquone; PM/SD (pyrimethamine/sulfadoxine inhibitors of dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) and DHPS, respectively); T, trimetrexate (an inhibitor of DHFR).
March 1987 France March 1987 Germany April 1987 United Kingdom March 1987 Other Products Currently Approved For HIV Infection and AIDS-R Conditions Interferon A Dronabinol Ganciclovir Megestrol Acetate Fluconazole Trimetrexate Pentamidine Clarithromycin Erythropoietin HIVIG Foscarnet TMP/SMX Itraconazole Doxorubicin Atovaquone Amphotericin B Rifabutin Expanded Access Enrollment Drug Dates # Enrolled AZT 1986-87 4,804 trimetrexate 1988-94 753 pentamidine 1989 728 ddI 1989-91 >21,000 ddC 1990-92 6,705 atovaquone 1991-93 1,054 rifabutin 1992-93 2,506 d4T 1992-94 12,551 3TC 1993-95 29,430 saquinavir 1995 2,200 indinavir 1995 1,500 FDA ON THE INTERNET: http://www.