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What does SYNAP stand for?

SYNAP stands for Synaptic

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  • Military and Government

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Beyond all-or-none action potentials, subthreshold synaptic and membrane electric activity in neurons disclose the details of single-neuron computations, neuronal identity and role, information processing and synaptic readout, as well as history-dependent dynamics of excitability and synaptic efficacy.
Neuronal synaptic connection strengths are involved, but synaptic components are short-lived while memories last lifetimes.
In contrast, chlorpyrifos exposure initially enhances the development of catecholaminergic systems, increasing the expression of the proteins characteristic of this system and enhancing synaptic activity; nevertheless, long-term brain function deficits eventually appear, mainly in the form of disruption of synaptic connectivity.
Within neurons are tiny organelles called synaptic vesicles that sequester neurotransmitters and release them when needed into the synapse, or space between nerve cells, where the chemical signal is transmitted to other neutrons.
com Product research and e-commerce solutions provider Synaptic Systems Ltd has announced the immediate availability of its Synaptic Manager product.