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What does SPURE stand for?

SPURE stands for Spurious Emission

This definition appears rarely

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The artist found that due to a phenomenon called spurious emission, his car radio would alternately emit baroque and country music as he drove within the ring of trucks.
Finally, a patent application was filed to optimize for FCC requirements of ground penetrating radar antennas to protect from spurious emissions of frequencies outside the band requirements by creating a novel design that focuses the signal toward the ground being surveyed.
After a thorough investigation, the team initiated a RAMEC to filter the chip detector from spurious emissions from other sources that cause a false signal through EMI.
To gain licenses in the United States and some other countries, Iridium pledged that for a few hours each day, it would keep the levels of spurious emissions to levels tolerable to the scientists.
Panorama scan mode is used as a "quasi spectrum analyzer" for a wide scanning range without scanning - as the PR100 Series uses a receiver technology that does not scan, but rather listens to the entire spectrum to immediately detect any spurious emissions.