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What does SCD40L stand for?

SCD40L stands for Soluble CD40 Ligand

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The biomarkers measured included those associated with systemic inflammation (fibrinogen, C-reactive protein [CRP], white blood cell [WBC] count) and thrombosis or endothelial dysfunction (platelet activation markers P-selectin [sCD62P] and soluble CD40 ligand [sCD40L] as well as the adhesive endothelial glycoprotein von Willebrand factor).
Jane Freedman, associate professor of medicine and pharmacology at the university and one of the authors of the study, said that in addition to an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels, they saw a significant decrease in the production of superoxide, a free radical, and soluble CD40 ligand, an inflammatory marker that is provoking growing interest.
RIIa polymorphisms IL-6 IL-10 IL-12 p40 IL-13 IL-16 IL-18 Immune complexes Interferon-alpha Mannose-binding lectin (MBL) polymorphisms Soluble CD27 Soluble CD40 ligand Soluble IL-2 receptor (CD25) Soluble thrombomodulin Soluble TNF receptor Soluble VCAM-1 For more information visit http://www.
Combining PIGF and soluble CD40 ligand was especially revealing in patients negative for troponin T, suggesting that both markers reflect distinct pathways that eventually contribute to a proinflammatory and procoagulative milieu in the coronary circulation," Dr.