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What does ONIUM stand for?

ONIUM stands for Quaternary Ammonium

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US Patent 8,871,700 B2: Procter & Gamble has patented a liquid cleaning and disinfecting composition that is comprised of C12-14 linear alkyl dimethyl amine oxide; a Zn2+ salt selected from the group consisting of Zn carbonate, Zn sulphate, Zn citrate and mixtures thereof; an anionic surfactant selected from the group consisting of alkyl sulfate, alkyl ethoxy sulfate and mixtures thereof; an organic solvent selected from the group consisting of ethanol, benzyl alcohol, and mixtures thereof; and at least one biocide selected from the group consisting of a halogenated benzyl alcohol derivative, a halogenated hydroxy-diphenylether, a quaternary ammonium salt, an alkylbenzethonium chloride, a peroxide bleach system, and mixtures thereof.
The nine papers in this collection review studies on the transferable antibiotic resistance of oral biofilms, the performance of silane quaternary ammonium compounds applied to surfaces, methods for minimizing exposure to biofilms in hospital water distribution systems, and the need for more studies on biofilm growth in hot tubs.