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What does P.Gmc. stand for?

P.Gmc. stands for Proto-Germanic (language)

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  • Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

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The more innocent by-products of this kind of racial thinking include the reconstruction of proto-Germanic and Indo-European languages and the rediscovery (in the West) of the great Sanskrit scriptures.
Thus Nichols (1997: 134), who derives PIE from central Asia, proposes that 'by the end of the third millennium or the beginning of the second, Proto-Thracian, Proto-Italic, Proto-Venetic (unless that was part of Italic), Proto-Celtic, and perhaps Proto-Germanic were somewhere in the vicinity of central Europe', whereas according to Renfrew (1987: 249), who derives PIE from Anatolia, Proto-Celtic would already have reached Ireland by that date.
Again to mention the parallel from Indo-European studies, no Romanist or Germanist or Celticist or Sanskritist would make proposals about Proto-Romance or Proto-Germanic or Proto-Celtic or Proto-Indic without taking into account what was known or surmised about Proto-Indo-European.
He noticed that Proto-Germanic voiceless fricatives (f, [theta], x, and s) became voiced fricatives ([beta] [delta] [gamma] unless they were prevented from doing so by any one of the following three conditions: i) being the first sound in a word; ii) being next to another voiceless sound; or iii) having the IE stress on the immediately preceding syllable.