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What does PC stand for?

PC stands for Predicate Calculus (logic)

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  • Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

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In particular it has had difficulties with a large group of "logical paradoxes" through its preoccupation with the Predicate Calculus and related structures to the exclusion of other formal structures that represent natural language more fully, and thereby escape these paradoxes.
The first is the worry that such interpretations commit Nagarjuna to the view--held, he says, by some disreputable continental semioticians--that the principles of the predicate calculus, including at least non-contradiction and excluded middle, are laws only of thought and not of reality; and that, as a result, Nagajuna's thought, if so read, would be open to the possibility that reality is such that it transcends, or in some other way does not abide by, those principles.
If common nouns in this grammatical subject position are indeed logical subject-terms, this should require a thorough reevaluation of the adequacy of Frege's predicate calculus as a tool for the analysis of the logic and semantics of natural language.