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What does NP stand for?

NP stands for Noun Phrase

This definition appears very rarely

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The 16 papers explore such aspects of Slavic languages as the interplay of feature inheritance and information structure in Polish inverse copular sentences, a semantic analysis of Czech kind-denoting and group-denoting noun phrases, the rise of the indefinite article edin in Bulgarian, the syntax and semantics of directional axial expressions in Russian, trochaic lengthening in Neostokavian, the semantic compatibility of two Czech temporal adjuncts, and naturally-atomic singular noun-adjective construction kinds in Russian as lexically derived.
First, it criticizes recent "minimal," sui generis demonstrative and deflationist theories for postulating eccentric or anomalous facts concerning the ways in which noun phrases contribute to truth conditions, or concerning the semantics of demonstratives or general syntax.
a) a noun phrase [NP] comprising a compound noun: grammar-matters
In her section "Circumstantial Qualifiers in Contemporary Arabic Prose," Kammensjo carefully analyzes the distribution of the three main types of CQ clauses in Modern Written Arabic, namely, (1) participial noun phrase in the accusative; (2) asyndetic CQ clause introduced by a verb in the prefix conjugation; and (3) syndetic CQ clause with wa- and a subject pronoun followed by (a) a noun phrase (or prepositional phrase) or (b) a verb phrase.