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What does MDM2 stand for?

MDM2 stands for Mouse Double Minute 2

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8,313,910 "Isolated Genomic Polynucleotide Fragments from Chromosome 12 that Encode Human Mouse Double Minute 2 Homolog" teaches a method of isolation of specific parts of genomic sequence, which encodes a protein, regulating the tumor suppressor gene p53, the so called "guardian of genome;" it can act as an alternative to cytotoxic chemotherapy in many tumor cells.
7,754,424, titled "Isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments from chromosome 12 that encode human carboxypeptidase M and the human mouse double minute 2 homolog," claims isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments that encode human mouse double minute 2 homolog as well as fragments of contiguous exon-intron and intron-exon regions, transcription factor binding regions and other noncoding regions such as 5' and 3' noncoding regions and intron regions, complementary polynucleotides, microarrays, vectors and host cells containing these fragments.