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What does MM/DD/YY stand for?

MM/DD/YY stands for Month/Day/Year

This definition appears very frequently

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The US and Oz have different systems for ciphering dates: month/day/year vs.
When that date is stated in the month/day/year order that is customary in the United States, it forms an eight-number palindrome: 11-02-2011.
The five-digit model/style number and manufacture date, written as month/day/year, and possibly the model name are written on a label on the side of the seat.
10 rolls of 25-exposure film when flash is used for half of exposures LCD panel (Power is on): Frame counter, Flash mode, Red-Eye Reduction, Self-timer/Remote control, Cartridge, Low battery power, Title/Date/Time, Data recording Power source: One 3V lithium battery CR2 Data recording function: Magnetic recording system; Date/title setting; Date displayed on LCD panel with five choices: Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year, Day/Month/Year, Hour/Minute, or No recording; 24-hour cycle with no AM/PM; auto leap year adjustment until 2039; Built-in clock with timing accuracy within +90 sec.
575g (N60), 585g (N60QD) Date/time imprint function (For N60QD only) Display mode: Year/Month(Day, Day/Hour/Minute, No Imprint, Month/Day/Year and Day/Month/Year; built-in clock: 24-hour type with timing accuracy within (+/-) 90 seconds a month; leap year adjustment until 2019 Usable film: ISO 32 to 3200 DX-coded film Power source: One 3V lithium battery (CR2025 type) Battery life: Approx.