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What does MBYTE stand for?

MBYTE stands for Megabyte

This definition appears very frequently

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In this kind of business, you don't like to throw away anything," says Bakshi, who archives all completed client work on Syquest removable 45 megabyte cartridges.
With high-capacity flash storage (64 megabytes to 1 gigabyte), independent processing power, high-speed data protocols and crypto functionality, MegaSIM technology is set to transform the SIM into a unique platform which combines SIM level security, high capacity storage and the ability of the mobile network operator (MNO) to provision storage on any MegaSIM-empowered handset.
The combination of using "bad" pricing data for tape and comparing the price per megabyte of a single piece of tape media (rather than a tape library?
Here's a basic setup that will get you on the World Wide Web: eight megabytes RAM (random access memory), Pentium processor (the lesser 486 processor would work, but is becoming antiquated for Web use), 640-megabyte hard drive for storage (no smaller than 500 megabytes), a 14,400-baud modem (28,800-baud is preferred) and the right software.