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What does MNODE stand for?

MNODE stands for Major Node

This definition appears very rarely

Samples in periodicals archive:

As a world-class university in a major city with a history of innovation and industry, the University of Manchester is committed to fostering collaborating corporate relationships in our efforts to propel Manchester as a major node of the knowledge economy.
During the last quarter of 2009 several customers began shipping Icera-powered devices at 14Mbps, a doubling of peak data rates for users and a major node for many operators in 2010.
In addition, the traffic load at 105 major nodes in the district indicate that over 500 vehicles ply on the Nagpur-Chandrapur road every hour.
The year 1973 was a major node of everyday disappointment, yet the author manages to re-enchant it with his high wit and linguistic agility, and the sort of no-sweat aplomb and insouciance that he shares with his literary friends and allies, the New York Poets.
Researchers conducted experiments in which they simulated what would happen if a disaster crippled major nodes of the Internet--places that house the equipment where Internet traffic is collected and distributed.
Eve Sedgwick begins her remarkable book, The Epistemology of the Closet, with this ringing claim: "Epistemology of the Closet proposes that many of the major nodes of thought and knowledge in twentieth-century Western culture as a whole are structured -- indeed fractured -- by a chronic, now endemic crisis of homo/heterosexual definition, indicatively male, dating from the end of the nineteenth century.