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What does FeS2 stand for?

FeS2 stands for Iron Sulfide

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Glossary Adit A type of entrance to an underground mine which is horizontal or nearly horizontal Chalcopyrite A copper iron sulfide mineral with the chemical composition CuFeS2.
The deficits of copper, iron, and hydrogen sulfide in the cooler white smoker fluid could best be explained by the precipitation of copper-iron sulfide and iron sulfide (that is, chalcopyrite and pyrite) within the mound.
From the contents: VOLUME 1: BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS AND STRUCTURE FORMATION - Silica-Hydrated Polysilicondioxide - Iron Sulfides and Oxides - Calcium Carbonates and Sulfates - Calcium Phosphates VOLUME 2: BIOMIMETIC AND BIOINSPIRED CHEMISTRY - Biometic Model Systems in Biomineralization - The Biomineral Approach to Bionics - Bio-inspired Materials Synthesis - Bio-supported Materials Chemistry - Protein Cages as Size-contrained Reaction Vessels - Encapsulation - Imaging of Internal Nanostructures of Biominerals VOLUME 3: MEDICAL AND CLINICAL ASPECTS - Bone - Teeth - Pathological Calcifications An interdisciplinary must-have account, for biochemists, bioinorganic chemists, lecturers in chemistry and biochemistry, materials scientists, biologists, and solid state physicists.